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Lemon Bars - Pasadena Area?

My friend told me she wants a Lemon Bar for her birthday!! Are there any places in the Pasadena area - or within 10 miles that have good ones? I would like to get her an assortment. TIA!

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  1. I think Europane will have your solution:

    950 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91106-2300
    626 577 1828

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      The one's at Europane are made with actual lemons and it shows. they still have a nice tartness to them and are not cloying.

      1. re: oro3030

        Without a doubt...the best in SoCal...and I have looked for years!

    2. i can't help it. i get one at Europane everytime i go. even for breakfast.

      1. I <3 lemonbars at Europane, but they don't have an "assortment" if that's what you're looking for.

          1. Try WILDFLOUR BAKING CO.

            328 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.
            Sierra Madre, CA 91024
            (626) 355-9000
            (626) 355-9900 FAX

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            1. I've seen them at the aforementioned Europane and Union Bakery. You could also add Whole Foods to your assortment.

              1. I really like the lemon squares at Frank's Famous in Glendale-Montrose (on Verdugo). Maybe call ahead to make sure they've got em. They're about 3 inches square, fresh buttery shortbread pretty thick crust on the bottom, topped with a TART lemon-curdish filling on top and nothing else, no extra crumble topping or coconut or anything....very basic but GOOD.

                I don't like those "condensed milk" lemon squares too much because they're too sweet. This one isn't too sweet and has a real "homemade" look and taste.


                1. I know you're asking for the Pasadena area, but the lavendar lemon bars at Surfa's Cafe in Culver City are really, really good. You can read the rave reviews all over Chowhound about those little babies...

                  1. wildswede...do you bake? i have a great recipe for cranberry lemon bars. you can sub any dried fruit. i've done goji berry, ginger, blueberry, bing cherry.

                    imagine a light, flakey shortbread crust with a thin layer of naturally sweet fruit with the the tang of lemon curd on top. i also sub with fresh yuzu, key lime, kumquat and all other citrus.

                    i also have a nice shaker lemon bar recipe, like the pie, but in the form of a bar.

                    i'll post the recipes on the Home Cooking board if you're interested.

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                      I'm interested in both! They sound great!


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                        Yes yes YES!! I bake (and make jam, pickles, etc.)!! I would love both recipes. Thank you, revets!! ;-)

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                          i've posted them on Home Cooking.


                          the shaker recipe requires an extra day of prep. let me know if you have any questions. buen provecho!

                      2. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I think I will be baking and shopping. Great list as always! I will even drive down to Surfas! Thank you again!

                        1. this is probably too late, but i really like the ones at leonidas belgian chocolatier in pasadena. i believe they have a location in santa monica as well.