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Aug 31, 2006 03:09 PM

crab cake suprise - Columbia, SC

Had lunch at Za's the other day and ordered a crab cake appetizer. Three small crab cakes with a couple different sauce options drizzled on the plate. I was wowed! Big meaty chunks of crab! I can't say I've had a better one anywhere in Columbia. Also, their offerings are really catering to those on particular diets - even had a "zone" section. I zoned in on my pizza craving and happily consumed my small veggie pizza with a thin crisp crust. It was a great lunch.

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  1. Sweet Pea,
    With Columbia being land locked was that krab or crab?

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    1. re: 1 wiener hound

      yikes, in the era of Fed Ex there is no where that can't get fresh seafood quickly. I'm sure it was CRAB.

        1. re: SweetPea

          What a treat. To me there is nothing like the taste of Atlantic Blue Crabmeat. Caught in a creek with a crab net and a line with a sinker tied on the end with a old rotten chicken neck. Isn't it nice to be one step up the food chain than the crab. As Rudy Menikie (sp) on Naturescene would say rotten chicken turned into crab turned into human.