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I have a friend coming in from LA in a couple of weeks, and I suspect he will want to go to a sort of trendy (but not terrible) restaurant and then, most likely, to a club. I admit that I have been pretty curious about Buddakan after the largely favorable NYT review and have been looking for an excuse to go. This type of place (and the Meatpacking in general) isn't really my scene anymore, but I expect that it would bring with it some of the usual annoyances. All that said, has anyone tried the food and enjoyed it? Do the sceney aspects detract dramatically from that experience?

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  1. I have only had drinks at the bar where there is a horrible set-up with people on top of one another, so unless you can grab a communal table in the bar area to sit (and people are still on top of you)I wouldn't reccommend going for just a drink.

    But two people on separate occassions who have eaten here have told me the food was spectacular compared to the other asian-fusion cuisine in the city.

    Oh and it must not be "that hip" b/c when I went there were a lot of tourists and children bringing their out of town parents here for dinner.

    1. I enjoyed Buddakan when I went. We had a large group and were able to order a lot which was nice and the decor definently did not detract from the food. I thought the short ribs and the edamane dumplings were fantastic as well.

      1. I was there Friday and really enjoyed it. Both the tea smoked chicken and the chocolate semifreddo with earl grey cream were delicious. But, I'm still dreaming about the General Tso's dumplings. UNBELIEVEABLY good.

        1. Yes, Haleyjen and Roze are right. The food, for such an over-the-top place, is suprisingly good. I was with a large group at the main table downstairs and both the food and service were excellent.

          The decor is like sitting in the middle of a film set. Which one? How 'bout a cross between the Last Samurai and one of the Asian scenes from Kill Bill. (The night I was there, Uma walked through, and the sound of jaws hitting table-tops was quite something!)

          - Sean

          1. I've been to Buddakahn and (same company) Morimoto and loved both - they are both great scenes and great food.

            At Buddakahn I highly recommend the following:
            edamame dumplings
            calamari pillow salad
            tuna tartar spring rolls
            beef lollipops
            pork tenderloin
            Shrimp and Lobster Chow Fun
            crab fried rice

            1. This is a post I put up back in June:

              My wife and I had friends in from out of town and thought we would show them the "scene" in the meatpacking district, which is really not our style but what the heck. So I made a reservation at Buddakan.

              The restaurant is really striking. While the bar is crowded up front it opens up as you move through with a huge sunken main dining room and several other discrete rooms around it on two floors that all have a different feel. We were in the back which was dim but not dark and the tables were nicely spaced and not crowded (although I walked through other parts of the place and some areas felt a bit claustrophibic). The music was noticable but not too loud.

              The food was generally tasty and appealing. I tried to stick to suggestions made in the NY Times review. Regarding appetizers the spring rolls were excellent. Boneless ribs were just OK. We also tried the shrimp appetizer, which was very good. The only mistake we made was trying the edamame dumplings, which were recommended by our overenthusiastic young waitress. Believe the NY Times and avoid the dumplings.

              For main courses the Chicken was good, the Red Snapper was very good as was the Tofu (which you should only order if you like the soft version, my wife and friends were expecting the baked kind in the dish and so were not enthusiastic). The mushroom chow fun and shrimp fried rice, which our friends ordered, were very serviceable. Cocktails and drinks were pleasant, if a little over-priced. My wife had a cocktail called the "crush" which she didn't like.

              In the end Buddakan's food is above average--better than I would have expected from a big box restaurant. You can get way better "asian" food in lots of places, like 8 blocks north at Grand Sichuan on 24th and 9th, but the atmosphere at Buddakan is fun. I think the bill came out to $125 per couple with tip, pricey but not "over the top" considering we had an inexpensive bottle of wine and a few drinks.

              A good place to go for a "night on the town." I am not going to rush back but would like to go early next time and have a few cocktails not at the front bar, which is very crowded, but at the library bar on the lower level directly under it, then try and sit in the main dining room.

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                I usually hate "scene" restaurants like Buddakan. But I was there on business and had startlingly good food. And I said hi to Katie Couric while I was there.