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Best takeout burger..in the core?

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Alright everyone, been reading all the threads on great burgers and I am dying for one right now, but alas I am at work (Bay/Front) and would love to get a good burger. I don't know of any decent places around here. I'm considering the usual fast food places, but would prefer something better. Does marche have a good burger? I might try the burger van thats on the side street just north of Front/Yonge, is it any good? Any one with recs withing walking distance of where I am?

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  1. The Jersey Giant pub on Front east of Church has good burgers and great fries. We were even able to get one that was still pink, though I got the feeling that this option depends on who is cooking at any given time.

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      Mmmm, sounds good, I might have to try it out soon. Thanks!

    2. Go to Hal burger. You can phone ahead to place your order. It is not too far north of where you are (although I can't remember the intersection right now, it is across the street from Crocodile Rock). If you go, make sure to get a Kawartha Dairy ice cream while the weather is still nice.

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        Too bad Hal burgers are Hal-acious! WAY overpriced and very boring. A GREAT burger/fries and late hours is Shanghai Cowgirl on Queen W. (east of Bathurst).

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          In several burger threads 'torontoeh' has bashed Hal Burger. This time it's for being "WAY overpriced and boring". Then Shanghai Cowgirl is given as an alternative. The price of a burger and side at Hal's is $10.50 while at Shanghai Cowgirl it's $8.50. I've eaten at both places and both are good. Every burger I've had at Hal's has been moist and juicy, not dry. Seems to me that the Hal-bashing is a little over the top.

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            You are not telling the whole story. "Both are good" = Shanghai is MUCH better than Hal. Admit it. AND, that price difference is almost 20% less. Then try adding things to the burger and ordering a drink - Hals is WAY over priced. Meat ground on premise doesnt mean anything. Who cares?! Quality, texture, taste and value in the end is all that matters and Hal fails on 3 out of 4. Who cares if they make their own ketchup? It is watery and bland and too much money. Give me free ketchup that tastes good enough with good consistency. And that mayo costs 75 cents to add!! And the bun...dont try to defend that bun...crap! Ultimately "the people" decide. Let's see where Hal is come next Christmas...

      2. I'll add a 3rd vote for Hal Burger. Don't know how fast they'd do take-out though. It's more sit-down pace. I'd see about placing a phone order so you don't get yourself fired over a burger fix.

        1. if you want a good greasy burger go to mars at bathurst and college. at hals they grind their beef on site, make their own ketchup and mayo. they go the extra yard for their burgers. some people dont get it but alot more do. if you love a styro buger and want to check out hals dont bother, its for serious burger fans only.

          1. Hal's is fine with takeout. There are few restaurants in Toronto that don't do takeout. I have had Hal burgers on several occasions and have never actually sat in the restaurant.

            1. I tried Hal's very shortly after it opened (within a day or 2) and didn't care for the burger at all. It was dry and lacked salt. I haven't gone back, but given the varying opinions here, I might give it another whirl.

              1. I went to the Richmond Rogue last night and had the 'Rogue Burger' it was a huge burger with cheese, bacon, sauteed onions and mushrooms AND a fried egg and of course the usual lettuce, tomato, pickle and onions. It was AMAZING.. the best burger ever. FINALLY someone understood that if your gonna make a monster burger, you better make a monster bun to cover it up. And this bun was not just your normal sesame seed bun, it was like eating freshly baked bread. I think it was like 8 or 9 bucks with "frings" (onion rings and fries).
                WARNING: Its the morning after and I still feel rediculously stuffed haha. COME HUNGRY

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                  oops.. just realised that this strand was about a takeout burger. I dont think this place does takeout, but its a good burger regardless!

                2. Go to the bar in any restaurant and order food and ask them to wrap it to go. I haven't had a restaurant yet that refused me. I haven't tried it at Ruth's Chris yet though. :-)

                  1. Thanks for all the replies, but ya I was looking for recs on takeout burgers in the downtown core which I would loosely define as Front to Dundas, Church to University/John?

                    Hal seems ok, but I'd prefer not to drop 10 bucks on a burger at lunch, once I get to that price there are many other options I'd rather be having than a burger!

                    Keep the recs coming!

                    1. In the North Food Court of the Eaton Centre there is a Jamacian Place on the back wall. Only one there, not sure of the name. They have amazing Chicken and Rice/Peas. Not sure price, but it shouldn't be too rich. Sbarro in the South Court may be a bit too greasy for ya, but at least they use a lot of garlic and seasoning, and better than any food truck!

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                        The West Indian restaurant I think you are referring to is called The Ackee Tree and it closed last month.

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                          Thats too bad!!! Guess it was too spicy and tasty (not to mention different) for 99.9% of the people that prefer to line up for Harveys and McDonalds.

                      2. CRUSH wine bar at Spadina & King has probably one of the tastiest burgers I have ever had! Oh yea & it comes with authentic frites!

                        4 star stuff

                        I think the dish is about 12.50

                        1. Ackee Tree Opened a new location at Spadina & Queen a month ago.

                          1. There's Hero Burger in the TD Centre's food court. Probably as good a burger as a food court will ever provide.

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                              Yea go for Hero burger and then come back here and tell us how disgusting it is. PS Don't order any toppings, they never get that right.

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                                I've eaten at the Hero location on Queen W several times and have never had a bad experience. The burgers are cooked to perfection (for a chain that's pretty good), and I always get the toppings I ordered.

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                                  I believe they probably get the toppings right as that location is mostly void of customers. I have a client down the street from there and she tells me the joke is that they pray for a wendys to open up. Just to save them from the nasty Hero Burger. She does say however that some of the guys in her store live for the shakes. I haven't tried them.

                            2. I went to the Richmond Rogue tonight and had the burger to go (not the Rogue Burger with the fried egg). In short, there was nothing special about the burger or rings or fries. I wouldn't get it again. Perhaps the larger Rogue Burger is better but I assume it is made from the same raw materials which seemed less than authentic.

                              1. Maybe try to do takeout at the Irish Embassy? Their burger isn't the best I've had, but it's pretty good! The only problem I have with it, is the patty is really really thick, so it's hard to take bites. Ok fries too...

                                1. Try Sizzlers on Yonge, West side, just north of College. Just order burger with toppings to go--they try to talk you into other stuff. Burger is excellent, and the price is right --around $4!

                                  1. Tried out Jersey Giant pub that one of the first people posted today, it was very good! The burger was not dried out and still fairly juicy after I had to walk 5 mins back to my building while it coldish weather outside. Price could be slightly cheaper at $8.99 plus $.85 for each topping (cheese, mushrooms, etc) Fries were plentiful and good as well, definately would go back again if I am craving a burger, but still on the lookout for something cheaper and closer!

                                    1. I go to the Jersey Giant fairly regularly for takeout and eat in. I've never had the burger but I love their Shepherds Pie. I will try their burger next time.