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Aug 31, 2006 02:50 PM

Where to eat tonight?

Missed all of restaurant week b/c we could not get a babysitter, but have one tonight. Any ideas of new places or old favorites to try? Really open to anything, although a hole in the wall is probably not what the SO is looking for. Last night out was at Dante, and loved that. Been to Toro a while ago, also loved that, but probably not willing to deal with the wait/attitude tonight. Stella was OK, and the son of Mistral (forgot the name of restaurant) did not impress. Any ideas? We were thinking of Salts if we can get in, it has been a while since we where there. Thanks in advance.

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  1. My new favorite spot is Ten Tables in JP. Have had two outstanding meals there. The best night to go is on Wednesday, when they offer their $25 prix fixe, but apparently the $35 wine dinner on Tuesdays is good too. That being said, you could probably get in tonight without a problem. It's casual, and intimate, with delicious food and good service. A gem.

    1. I love Gargoyle's in Somerville.

      1. I just went to Ten Tables a few weeks agao and had a wonderful meal. I had been years ago when they had a different chef, this was a much better meal. I can't wait to go again. Service was wonderful.

        1. I went to Ten Tables recently also - It's pretty cramped, rather bustling, very good food, not quite the stratosphere, but I enjoyed it very much.

          That said, it is not on the level of fancy as Dante and Salts - not exactly a hole in the wall, but let's just say it emulates the neighborhood (which is a good thing!), and possibly not what you are looking for.

          1. No Florentine food in this country is at Trattoria Toscana in Fenway. Small and cozy.....if you're looking for over the top this is not it. Very modest but awesome pasta. Make sure they're not on summer vacation as I heard they temporarily shut down for lunch but not dinner.

            Had tons of fun and great flavors at Oleana. Kinda funky. Really good stuff....should be able to park across the street in a lot, which makes things easier.