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Aug 31, 2006 02:41 PM

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender

Has anyone used or had any experience with Bamix stick blenders??

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  1. I have a Bamix Delux and I love it. These are really high quality machines.

    Since my purchase I've noticed that Alton Brown uses a Bamix (not sure of the model) on his show, if this means anything to you.

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      I used a Braun for about 5-6 years and it finally cracked (hard plastic). I've read good things about the Bamix and if Alton uses one of their models, well that's good enough for me.

      1. I have a Bamix Delux also and like it very much, though I've really only used it for pureeing soup and various hot vegetables. Which, actually, is exactly what I bought it for -- I'd never think of any other uses had it not come with a cookbook that includes recipes for a whole bunch of random things that I'm perfectly happy to make with a whisk or food processor.

        1. My Bamix is ~15 years old, used regularly, easy to clean stainless steel drive shaft, has removable blades, two speeds, works great. Original price $90!
          OTOH my mom has had two Brauns (intermittently used mostly by me) - the first one had an internal 'transmission' failure after a few years. The newer one has only one speed which is too fast - sprays food all over unless used in a tall narrow container. The non-removable dullish blade doesn't work too well on raw, fibrous vegetables. The lower plastic part isn't long enough for some immersions.
          Recommendation: buy the Bamix Mono (Target, about $99) - do not order the overpriced plastic accessories.

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            Just bought one, and it has some really nifty tricks, like turning skim milk into a mousse/froth that can be flavored as you wish, even frozen. Call it a"foam" and let your imagination romp free through the newest cooking trend.. I'm going to experiment with stabilizers such as gelatin or xanthin and see what I can come up with.

          2. The best you can buy for home use period!

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            1. re: scubadoo97

              I owned a cuisinart immersion blender before, it was underpowered and then I lost the blade.

              I bought that stupid gimmicky Thunderstick from ebay refurbished for $25. Very poor design, oil started leaking out of the shaft... it was gross.

              4 years ago settled on a Bamix.... the one with the white body and purple buttons. Loved it, still loving it. Strong, reliable, relatively quiet, well made high quality. I actually quite like the accessories, especially the mini grinder/food processor. If you need to chop 10 gloves or garlic with oil, that's the perfect accesory.

              Puree soups, foam up sauces, make mayonnaise.... those are my main uses for it. A blender is better for crushed ice drinks as it takes a bit of time to break down ice cubes, but it is definitely strong enough.

              It's a bit pricey but I think they'll last forever.

              1. re: doctorandchef

                Cool doc. I bought a thunderstick off late night infomercial. A weak moment for sure. For the most part the Thunderstick is a knock off of the Bamix. Same attachment blades and basic design. Just not the same internals and quality.

                1. re: scubadoo97

                  The Bamix is an amazing product. I have owned multiple blenders. I made the mistake of buying about 3 others at $99 dollars and replacing them every couple years. I finally got the bamix and its going on 10 years strong. At 200 - 300 dollars, this investment was very smart for me. I couldnt live without it.

                  I found mine on and they also sell them on as well.

                  1. re: dspen787

                    Have you used the processor accessory by any chance? I'm wondering if it will do a good job at grinding spices so I don't need to buy a coffee grinder.

                    1. re: snax

                      I had the processor accessory with my Bamix copy cat Thunderstick and it did work quite well at grinding spices. For me it was just easier to have a dedicated coffee grinder for spices then to pull out the IB and accessory.

                      1. re: snax

                        Yes, i do have the processor. They also call it the Mill/Grinder i think. It works wonders for Coffee! The processor is by far the best accessory i have seen for mincing and grinding spices. It makes them into the finest powder. I also have the SliceSy, it slices everything into little pieces and makes everything so quick. Onions, Cheese, Carrots etc. All of these items can be found on Amazon.