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Aug 31, 2006 02:38 PM

Lovely Brunch at Upstairs on the Square

On my way home from a RAUCOUS wedding the night before...I could not go any further without a bloody mary and some sustenance. The bloody mary was great, a house made conconction with a bit of smokiness to it (perhaps they roast some tomatoes - the juice is more brick-colored). Asked for spicy and got a good dose of horseradish in the mix.

Had an absolutely perfect Andalusian gazpacho to start. The flavors brought me right back to an afternoon of al fresco dining on the coast of Marbella. Wonderful. Next, a really tasty eggs benedict ($14) done with pancetta and a light tarragon hollandaise. Perfectly poached eggs. Served with some spicy red potatoes.

All told it was a $30+ hangover cure, but well worth it. I need to remember this as a brunch destination. The prices are comparable to many other offerings around town and I really found the food to be a value.

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  1. Glad to hear the positive report about brunch at Upstairs! I've had a lot of other meals there, but never brunch. My BF is a big eggs benedict fan, so I think that dish may be in our future plans now. I always find the food there to be creative and well-prepared, and the staff really friendly.

    1. So happy you tried it and liked it. It's my all 'round favorite brunch place in the area and I just can't say enough good things about the range of choices and quality of the food. Brunch, lunch, dinner, is my rank ordering of the meals they serve, from favorite to least liked (and I do like dinner there too).

      1. I had some great duck confit hash there for brunch last year. I was sad that it wasn't on the brunch menu the next time I visited Upstairs on the Square.

        Even so, it is still one of my favorite spots in town for brunch. The service and vibe is always great and the food is delicious.