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Aug 31, 2006 02:31 PM

Scoozi and Croma

Why does one neighborhood need two places that are exactly the same a block apart from each other?

Anyway, which would you choose in a pinch for yuppie pizzas?

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  1. Croma is a chain based in the UK. I have never tried it. I understand that location was closed for some months, maybe for some kind of renovation, or maybe a transfer in ownership of the franchise? I believe it has struggled.

    Scoozi is independent, locally-owned, and surprisingly good for Newbury Street. Very nice pizzas, pretty good salads and sandwiches, a pleasant-enough patio. It is also open for lunch, which Croma wasn't, at least when I tried to visit it for that purpose about a year ago.

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      Croma had a kitchen fire and was forced to close for renovations. I like the dough balls they serve as appetizers, not that I'm proud to admit it.

    2. I had lunch once at Croma, and it was good, if not memorable. I think it was sometime last fall, we were wandering on Newbury Street and decided to stop in. Not necessarily a place I'd run back to, but certainly fit the bill for some people-watching on the patio and decent food.

      1. I've never had Scoozi's "yuppie" pizzas, but their margarita was competently done. Great patio, cramped subterranean indoor seating, reasonably priced.

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          Scozzi is a great lunch option. It is locally owned (previosuly Newfair Pizza) and operated. The owner is usually on sight, and it shows. I like all of their sandwiches, salads and pizzas. The outdoor patio can be a bit of a scene, but it is Newbury street.

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          1. Thanks for the replies. I'll definitely give the nod to Scoozi for a patio lunch in the future. From their menus I could barely distinguish them. I've had one or two takeout pies from each in the past but never dined in either joint.