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Scoozi and Croma

Why does one neighborhood need two places that are exactly the same a block apart from each other?

Anyway, which would you choose in a pinch for yuppie pizzas?

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  1. Croma is a chain based in the UK. I have never tried it. I understand that location was closed for some months, maybe for some kind of renovation, or maybe a transfer in ownership of the franchise? I believe it has struggled.

    Scoozi is independent, locally-owned, and surprisingly good for Newbury Street. Very nice pizzas, pretty good salads and sandwiches, a pleasant-enough patio. It is also open for lunch, which Croma wasn't, at least when I tried to visit it for that purpose about a year ago.

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      Croma had a kitchen fire and was forced to close for renovations. I like the dough balls they serve as appetizers, not that I'm proud to admit it.

    2. I had lunch once at Croma, and it was good, if not memorable. I think it was sometime last fall, we were wandering on Newbury Street and decided to stop in. Not necessarily a place I'd run back to, but certainly fit the bill for some people-watching on the patio and decent food.

      1. I've never had Scoozi's "yuppie" pizzas, but their margarita was competently done. Great patio, cramped subterranean indoor seating, reasonably priced.

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          Scozzi is a great lunch option. It is locally owned (previosuly Newfair Pizza) and operated. The owner is usually on sight, and it shows. I like all of their sandwiches, salads and pizzas. The outdoor patio can be a bit of a scene, but it is Newbury street.

        2. Thanks for the replies. I'll definitely give the nod to Scoozi for a patio lunch in the future. From their menus I could barely distinguish them. I've had one or two takeout pies from each in the past but never dined in either joint.

          1. Never been to Scoozi, but Croma had ok pizza...phenomenal dessert. The English Sticky Toffee Pudding is amazing, and supposedly very popular in their UK branch. I actually went there last weekend, so unless the fire was this week, it's back open!

            1. Croma is possibly the worst restaraunt in Boston. I had a dinner there that was awful and the server had to be chased to get service. No ridding I actually had to get up find him downstaris and ask for service. Shameful

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                How true. A very "cold" feeling restaurant which seems incomplete. Lousy service, bad food, and a bad attitude from the kitchen when you try to substitute a menu item. Understandable if the restaurant is busy, but when you are the only two people in the place!!!!!!!!!! Do you really want to listen to the bartender (our server) beg a server to ask the kitchen about a substitution? And then hear "sorry, but the chef is pissed, and there is no way he will do it" That other very forgettable restaurant is already vacant on Newbury, this one will soon follow.

              2. I like the pizza much better at Croma than Scozzi. Service was a little suspect.

                1. Haven't eaten at Scoozi, but the one time I ate at Croma's before the kitchen fire I was quite happy with the food-- I had the asparagus pizza, which was delicate and tasty, and my husband had the english pizza, which I believe had cheddar, HP sauce, tomatoes, sausage, and a fried egg on top. Looked weird/gross, tasted delicious. Wine by the glass pours were generous, prices reasonable. I can still taste the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

                  1. Newfair was better than either.

                    1. Croma has half-price pizzas every Monday to Friday from 5 to 7. The asparagus pizza is really special. Their non-pizza entrees are mediocre at best, though the Caesar salad was pretty good.

                      1. Croma is AWFUL! Service is really bad but the management isn't much better- if not worse. Went from being overbearing to neglectful, all or nothing- I suppose one of the reasons my service was so poor though was bc the manager was hitting on the waitress the whole time! Poor girl, seemed like harassment to me. It's a shame that so many people have wasted their money at Croma- enough that they reopened after it burned down! Scoozi is a cool little spot- their food is pretty good, but the patio in the summer is great- pretty people go there too, so good for people watching