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Kirkwood MO recs for next weekend

We are hosting a family event next weekend in Kirkwood (staying at the Kirkwood Inn, Lindbergh and I-44)and will be eating all our meals out. The hotel has a breakfast but we need lunch and dinner recs near the hotel. Our group runs the gamut from kids, teenagers, boomers and old folks. Anything chowish, not expensive or yuppyfied would be appreciated. Is Spencer's Grill worthy for lunch or dinner? And where is the closest best pizza (not St. Louis style)? Thanks in advance.

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  1. It is often said that the best steakhouse in the StL area is Citizen Kane's, which is in Kirkwood. Do a search of the old board posts for references to Citizen Kane's.

    1. Dewey's pizza is a great pizza place in Kirkwood. I think it would be good for a lunch. Whenever I try to go for dinnner, it is so packed and the wait is forever. Definitely get their house salad and try one of the specialty pizzas. http://www.deweyspizza.com/

      1. how many minutes are you willing to drive?

        What I mean is, there are things off 44 worth going to and with your being right there, you could get to them fairly quickly.

        Nachomama's is on Manchester Road in Rock Hill not far from Kirkwood, and I think that'd be a good lunch choice.

        I've not eaten at Spencer's, but people seem to like it as a breakfast/hangover spot, but that's all I've heard of it.

        Cafe Provencal is actually in Kirkwood, and it's always a pretty good value for the money. If not leaving Kirkwood, and wanting something truly nice, it'd be my number one choice.

        There is a First Watch in Kirkwood as I recall. I think it's overated and bland, but many seem to like it (I'm an extremely harsh critic).

        1. Love Deweys- must ry the meat ball pizza; I am fond of Peperoni, but the meat ball beats all. Good when paired with the wild mushroom pizza since WM has their oil sauce and the MB has tomato sauce. Salads are good. The wait is tough on the kids but there is pizza making to watch.
          Just up the way, west on Big Bend from Lindburgh/Kirkwood road is a good hole-in-the-wall B-B-Q place- YUMM. I posted about it before and cannot remember the name off the top of my head. It would be great to get take-out and have it at Laumeir Sculpture park just S of 44 and west of Lindburgh.
          44 can take you in to the Hill(- often mentioned on the board) and to Ted Drew's . On Kingshighway South and imediatly on the left is O'Connell's- great bar food. Further South/down Kingshighway on the right is the crazy all night breakfast place called Uncle Bills- local tradition.
          Also north of 44 at Hampton you will get to Forest Park- the boat House is a good multi generational option. The boats will keep many busy and worn out.

          1. Run, don't walk, RUN to Citizen Kanes. One of the the best steak places anywhere.

            Dewey's is very good. Nice pizzas and the salads are good.

            Spencer's is also excellent for breakfast. But that is the only meal I have had there.

            Blue Water Grille, on Kirkwood/Lindbergh, just north of the Big Bend intersection is pretty good for seafood. They are above average in execution but really lack imagination.

            The BBQ joint is pretty good, easy to miss, it is tucked behind the Beef and Rice Chinese Restaurant, which was OK many many years ago.

            Going South on Kirkwood/Lindbergh is a waste: the food at Helen Fitzgerald's, Smuglas(sp?) Pizza and Growler's Pub are less than stellar. Whatever anyone tells you, don't go.

            There are a bunch of chain stuff right there on that valley next to 44: Texas Road House, Uno's, etc. Not so good.

            Also, further up Kirkwood/Lindbergh are Culpepper's, Amici's, and Kirkwood Ice and Fuel, all less than stellar.

            I f you want to go further up on Kirkwood/Lindbergh, up to I-64, there is Brio's, a chain italian place. Not bad. Cardwell's in the Plaza, pretty good, and Flemings, over priced and overhyped chain steak place. I would go to Citizen Kane's over Fleming's any day.

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              I've only eaten at Blue Water once, but I was really impressed, as far as imagination goes. The dish I had was scallops stuffed with goat cheese and I beleive pistachios. It was amazing.

            2. you know...i think this kind of proves the point...not to be rude.

              The flavor of goat cheese, to me, would overwhelm the flavor of a truly good scallop, and if you're paying all that money for good scallops, don't you want to taste them.......But then, they were probably using scallops that came out of a bucket.

              Blue Water grill has gotten expensive these days for what it is, and what it is, is profit maximizing, pretty standard southwest influenced seafood.

              It's this kind of restaurant, along with the Trattoria Marcella's that the bulk of St. Louis diners think are out of this world. It's for this reason that more truly good chefs and restrauteurs don't look at St. Louis as a serious food city in which to open a truly good room. We could learn a thing or two from KC.

              i.e. The American Restaurant is truly a 5star spot, where as St. Louis has Tony's. Not sure who they bribed for their stars.

              1. I love Kirkwood. What a cool little town. Citizen Kane's is very good. Another place that you might want to stop is Kaldi's up by the train station. We ate breakfast there two days in a row and it was wonderful. Truly outstanding coffee too. They provide a nice place to sit outside and watch the world go by.

                In Webster Groves, just adjacent to Kirkwood, you might want to try Llywelyn's for just good basic pub food. We're also big fans of Big Sky Cafe. A bit more upscale place specializing in fresh, creative food.

                I'll also second Cardwell's On The Plaza.

                Big Sky Café
                47 S Old Orchard Ave.
                Webster Groves, MO

                Kaldi's Coffeehouse in Kirkwood
                120 S. Kirkwood Road
                Kirkwood, MO

                17 Moody
                Webster Groves, MO

                1. Big Sky, Blue Water, and Remy's wine bar are owned by the same owner. They specialize in different food traditions but the sensibilities are the same, so it is possible that if you liked/disliked one you will do the same with the others.

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                    ...and Remy's is the best by far (and not just because I worked there).

                  2. Spencer's is a timeless luncheonette, stuck in the 1950's.

                    South on Kirkwood Road is Tokyo Sushi.

                    Dewey's is a winner, but crowded.

                    1. I live in Kirkwood so know most of the places mentioned. I think Blue Water is vastly underwhelming and it's become a sort of 'ladies place' especially for lunch. Citizen Kane's IS great but it would be your 'special night out' meal, it won't be cheap but it will be special. Amici's in downtown Kirkwood is another option, will appeal to your mixed age groups, won't break the bank, it's classic St Louis mid-priced Italian fare. NachoMama's is a great trek for lunch but with your group, I'd recommend the nearby patio at Hacienda, especially if the weather holds. (Don't think you can reserve an outside table but maybe, for such a large group.) Spencer's is a throwback, would only recommend for breakfast but DO recommend it for breakfast. The First Watch in Kirkwood is a little different than others, some times has homecooked Guatamalan food. I think Dewey's is also over-rated and pretty yuppified. For great nearby pizza, try Racanelli's (though you'll want to do carryout) or Fortel's (call ahead to see how they'd handle a group however). Richards Ribs is the great rib spot mentioned earlier, I agree that it's a great idea to pick up a bunch of barbecue and head for Laumeier Sculpture Park, just 2 miles away. I'm also a big fan of Cravings just 3-4 miles to the east in Webster Groves. Sauce.com has the best listing (by city) of St Louis restaurants. Closest to Kirkwood are Webster Groves, Crestwood/Sunset Hills, Des Peres but as you may know, St Louis is an easy, fast city to get around in. You'd be "close" within 10 miles, easy. Hope it's fun!

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                        I would go to Nachomama's over Hacienda. Even though Hacienda may better serve the large group, the food is atrocious.

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                          thank you thank you thank you

                          I don't get the Hacienda fascination. It's terrible unless you're a post work single looking to get...well you know.

                      2. Richards! yes that is the name. I am salivating as I think about it.
                        Cravings is a good option. SAVE room for dessert!!!!

                        1. Weber's front Row Grill has good burgers if you're cruising over to Webster Groves at this point.