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One chance for dinner near Copley Square

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My best friend and I are leaving the kids with the hubbies and checking in to the Westin Copely Square on Sunday night. It's been so long since I've eaten out downtown that I don't even know what's out there - we want good food, not too upscale/fancy, and want to walk there. I've heard good things about Sibling Rivalry, and liked Tremont 647 back in the day (is it still there?). Help me decide!

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  1. Finding good and not too expensive in the Back Bay/South End is not easy. If you were out for a splurge, I'd say the Oak Room across the street from your hotel...but that might be out of your price range. It's definitely dressy too.

    Some good bets: Casa Romero for very good (not great) Mexican in a romantic setting; Tapeo on Newbury St. for Tapas and Sangria; Kashmir for good (but overpriced) Indian with a nice space and patio dining.

    The picks are probably more interesting in the South End, but not really any cheaper. I was not overly impressed with my one trip to Sibling Rivalry. Would rather spend a bit extra and go to Hamersley's for the best chicken ever.

    I know a lot people like Turner Fisheries, but it's IN Copley Place, and you might want to get out on the town.

    This will make the hounds groan, but I've had a couple haute pizzas that I really enjoyed at both Croma and Scoozi, and you can't beat the nice Newbury St. patios.

    1. Every experience I've had at Sibling Rivalry has been delicious. I can't say enough good things about their tuna tartare - just wonderful in every variation.

      Atmosphere is fun - but it can be loud. If it gets warm enough the patio is nice as well.

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        I'll have to go back for a second go 'round.

        My one vivid memory from last time is that one brother was great and the other one sucked!

      2. I had a good meal at Sibling Rivalry too. It ain't cheap tho'.

        Tremont 647 would be a good bet. There have been some recent posts talking abt how the food seems to be even better than ever. You could also try for Petit Robert Bistro, new spot recently opened on Columbus in the South End, a short walk from your hotel. Reviews on that particular location have been mixed but the original in Kenmore Sq is great. Stella (on Washington St in the S.E.) is always good, but busy and crowded, you'll probably have to wait. (which isn't horrible as they have a fun bar area.) Definitely will have a
        "buzz" though, and is a bit of a scene, which you may enjoy on your night out. Those are just a few thoughts, have fun.

        1. Franklin Cafe if you want more of a small, dark bar scene. Fun, funky, food is a deal.

          Oh, also, Davio's on Arlington/Stuart might appeal to you. Check out the menu since it's nearby to the Westin.

          1. I don't think you should worry at all about crowds (except the patios on Newbury) for Sunday night of Labor Day weekend.

            Do confirm any place you're considering is open Sunday! (Not sure about the Franklin, for example. Which would be a great choice if it is.)

            I'll also throw Via Matta into the ring... split several appetizers. Ten minutes walk max.

            1. Thanks, everyone. I forgot about Franklin Cafe, but have enjoyed that in the past.

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                i personally would steer you back to tremont 647. such a lively fun ,intimate comfortable place and andy is back cooking . great waitstaff(they make you feel so welcome) and drinks. customers have never let him take off the menu his signature dish- the chilean sea bass in banana leaves with sticky rice- and it remains my favorite. franklin cafe has not impressed me. and davio's, while i loved it way back when, has become dreadful (to me) and besides, it's too big for an intimate time when you want to be able to lounge and talk. sibling rivalry did not impress me and that is what i have heard from many others as well. have a great time; let us know where you went and how you enjoyed it!

              2. via matta and davio's are both closed on sundays. even if you have inexpensive wine, you will not get out of hammersley's for less than $75 each.

                take the 15 minute walk to kenmore square and visit eastern standard. very cool atmosphere, reasonably priced and interesting wine list, and the food is delicious and inexpensive. just time your visit to avoid the red sox fans. there's a 4:00 game on sunday.

                there's also the option of pizza, apps and drinks at the bar at mistral.