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Aug 31, 2006 02:15 PM

Good place for a corporate lunch in the Seminary Rd area?

One of my coworkers is moving on to another job, and we want to take her out for a going away lunch mid-September. Our office is located on Seminary Rd (just off of 395) in Alexandria. We're also very close to Leesburg Pike. We seem to have all of our lunches at the nearby Clyde's, and we're trying to branch out. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place that isn't too far? Any type of food is fine (my coworker is mainly vegetarian, but eats fish). Thank you!

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  1. How about Finn & Porter in the Mark Center?

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    1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

      I agree that Finn and Porter is a nice spot, but since we're right across the way from it, we end up eating there a lot also. I should have mentioned that in my original post. Thanks for the suggestion though :-)

    2. We've had good meals at Haad Thai, 1472 N. Beauregard Street

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      1. re: theoneontheleft

        Funny, I just had lunch there today for the first time in about a year--it was pretty good. It appears that they may be in the process of changing their name...the menus and staff shirts all said something like "illusions" or the "illusionist". Thanks for the suggestion.

      2. You're close to Shirlington. Try the Carlyle Grand.

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        1. re: Dakota Guy

          Another good suggestion! I suggested Carlyle Grand to the woman planning the lunch yesterday, but she was concerned that parking in Shirlington would be problematic (apparently the large outdoor parking area has been closed due to construction). I may mention it again though b/c they do have a great lunch menu. Thank you.