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Aug 31, 2006 02:00 PM

Spring, can someone rates their non-Fish entrees?

I was hoping to go to Spring with my kids (ages 12 and 15), but the younger child won't touch fish. Can someone comment on Spring's non-fish entrees? I can't seem to pull up their menu on my web browser and can't even see what they serve. Thanks....

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  1. Hi jcooper,

    I know what the problem is, having gone through this myself. The Spring website uses pop-ups for their menus, so if your browser is set to block pop-ups you won't see them. (You should be able to click something to temporarily enable the pop-ups.)

    HOWEVER, the pop-up only shows a small sample of dishes, and they change their menu on a regular basis. I think it always includes a chicken dish and a beef dish, though.

    Probably the best thing to do is to call or email the restaurant and ask what the menu for this weekend has in the way of non-fish dishes.

    1. My friend and I almost always share both a fish entree and a meat entree when we go to Spring. They always have one poultry dish (chicken or duck) and one beef dish on the menu...and they're just as good as the seafood. They have a good selection of sides/veggies, too, so it should be easy to put together a meal that would appeal to almost anyone. The online menu is just a sampling and is probably not current. Best to contact the restaurant.

      1. I dined at Spring this past Friday. Wow! They're running on fumes. The waitress didn't know the small wine list and made innapropriate amusing(?) remarks. I was underwhelmed by the oxtail wonton/Thai broth app.: the filling tasted desultorily of middling pot roast and and the broth was hardly Thai---bland, vaguely citrusy...a bit of a shrug. Friend's app. of tuna tartare fared much better, but I'm over tuna tartare---still, that was the app. to order. Out of sheer perversity I chose the chicken dish(chicken skin crisp, chicken planks, trumpet mushrooms, pork belly, chicken jus, polenta cake). Not good. If they got rid of the oversalted, dry chicken meat and bizarre polenta cake(it was coated in something granular and displeasing) leaving the chicken crisp, pork belly, mushrooms and broth they'd have an excellent appetizer.

        This was an unfortunately middling meal chosen by a visiting friend who wanted to try a Shawn McClain restaurant(we steered him away from Green Zebra and Custom House). To spotlight matters, he enjoyed a supposedly stellar meal at Scylla the next night.

        so, if you must go to Spring(I wouldn't be surprised if they closed within the year...they're clearly just going through the motions)...stick to the seafood as much as possible(I realize you're in need of other options for picky eaters) fellow diners all chose fish or skate and fared better if not still circling mediocre...

        1. Aelph, sorry to hear that your experience was not a good one. I have only been to Spring once, but I thought it was great. In terms of non-seafood, my brother ordered a sliced sirloin served with chinese mustard and trumpet mushrooms. It was really good. As a couple people have mentioned, they have at least one chicken and one steak course for the non-seafood people. I must say though that my overall experience was great. Our server was spectacular and recommended wines for each course we had, so Aelph must have caught a new server. Hope this helps.

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            as per the server: actually, a fellow diner has had our server before(several months ago). :( So, she should know the menu and wine list by now. I specifically remember her mentioning she was in school...which gave the unintentional vibe that she really wasn't into waitressing.

          2. spring will always accomodate to a child. they have beef and duck to offer. and if that will not do the kitchen will create something a little more simple.

            as for the mediocore meal i feel that you need to give spring another shot. and i am pretty sure that spring will be around for a while