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hot sauce

any stores with a wide variety of hot sauces?

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  1. The gourmet food place at the Atwater market. I can't remember the name(it's Lesley Chesterman's(Montreal Gazette critic & food writer) favourite place at the market).

    1. Les Douceurs du Marchee at Atwater Market, perhaps (could be the one BLM is referring to as well).

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      1. do they have a large selection of hot sauce? what i am talking about are those walls of hot sauce america style - like wild wood jersey - not the standards found within the likes of cinq saison. THANK YOU

        1. I've seen many sauces at La Dépense at JTM.

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            Most everything available at La Dépense can be bought for less at asian markets around town. If you want asian products it's well worth making a trip to Marché Hawaï on Marcel-Laurin in Ville Saint-Laurent.

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              The original poster is looking for hot sauce, not Asian food. ;-)

          2. For an amazing selection, do you know the store in Ottawa that sells only hot sauces (+dried chiles); it's really a fun place, just 2 hrs away. You can order by mail as well:
            Chilly Chiles
            Address : 493 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON K1N 6Z5
            Telephone : 613-241-6668
            Website : www.chillychiles.com

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              how is it that ottawa has such a store and montreal does not
              bizarro world

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                THEY MOVED!!
                they used to be on Sussex, and now they have a new location somewhere in the west end..I'm sure the site has the address..AMAZING store though..Everything you could ever want in a hot sauce..hundreds of choices and varying degrees of heat.

              2. Like others, I don't know of a single store that really does the job. I've found interesting sauces at places such as the Chinese grocery on the ground floor beneath Ruby Rouge, and various Caribbean stores on Sherbrooke W. and in the Côte-des-Neiges area. Even places like Vieille Europe and PA sometimes have interesting sauces rarely seen elsewhere (though in both cases the selection seems to vary a lot over time).

                1. the best Carribean sauce I have ever had (scotch bonnet) has been from Jardin du Cari on St Viateur.... If you ask nicely the lovely owner might make you a jam jar full but they need warning. If I'm not mistaken there's a family member who opened a similar roti joint on du Parc, same great sauce.
                  I love hot sauce.

                  1. I was really happy to find Indonesian sambal badjak at La Depense, a hot sauce that is very hard to find anywhere else including the Asian supermarkets. It's definitely worth looking there for hot sauces.

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                      Probably the biggest selection is at Marche Hawai in Ville St. Laurent, and their Indonesian section is ever expanding. Only place I've been able to find kecap manis in Montreal, which is not hot, but hard to find.
                      That whole store is a bit like nirvana for Asian grocery lovers.

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                        Bomobob (or anyone else!) - where oh where did you find the kecap manis? I went to the newly expanded Marché Hawaii today and couldn't locate it! I asked a worker who said if I don't see it in the soy sauce aisle, they don't have it. Any clues appreciated! I found a section with various sweet soys but not kecap manis.

                        I had a kick-ass "Alaskan black cod in caramelized ginger sauce" dish recently at the incredible Banana Leaf Malaysian restaurant in Vancouver (OK, it was so good we went back and had it twice!) and the menu said the sauce has kecap manis in it, so now I'm on a mission to replicate it at home. (Or find it on a menu somewhere in Mtl, if that's possible!)

                        Any help finding kecap manis in Montreal appreciated!

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                          At Marché Hawaï, I think it's in the Indonesian section right across from the chinese soy sauces. One of them is a 750ml bottle with a red label and yellow lettering. The brand is ABC. I think they have other brands and in a pinch you could use chinese sweet soy sauce as a subsitute.

                          Here's a link to a picture of the bottle: http://importfood.com/sakm2101.html

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                            Thanks, SnackHappy, I was looking for ABC but just couldn't find it (nor could I find the Indonesian section, and the only clerk I could find wasn't much help!). I'll try again next time!

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                              I'm doing this from memory and I haven't been there since the expansion, but I believe the Indonesian section is just left of the section with all the "Western" products. An easy way to spot it is by the fact that every other product name begins with the word sambal.

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                                Great clues, SnackHappy, thanks a bunch!

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                                  I've seen kecap manis at Fruiterie Mile End as well. Haven't looked recently.

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                            Just thought I'd add a kecap manis update for anyone who cares - Loblaws Cavendish now stocks ABC brand in their imported-foods aisle, Asian section. Did a double-take and then happily grabbed a bottle. They still carry it at Marché Hawaii as well, but I don't make it out there that often.

                      2. i went to Les Douceurs du Marchee at Atwater Market thanks to this thread and was sadly let down by their selection. perhaps its the best in the city but thats not saying much because there was literally only 1 shelf of sauces. NOT a wall of them. why does ottawa have a hot sauce store and not mtl. ottawa is NOT HOT.

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                          I really think the Ottawa hot sauce store is a special case. They're known internationally, & lots of their business is by mail-order(I had heard about them years ago from several sources). I don't know of another specialist hot sauce store in all of Canada. Certainly, I wouldn't expect to find a hot sauce store in Montreal

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                            There are several hot sauce specialty stores in Canada actually.
                            Calgary has four, Saskatoon, Toronto has a couple and there are two in British Columbia. We're working on the Manitoba market as we speak.
                            The hot sauce and fiery foods trend is growing exponentially every year and I think you'll see more and more popping up every year.

                        2. A shelf is the most I've seen here in Montreal so far. Echoing other posters, JT market has a few stalls that stock a variety of sauces, though don't expect a wall of variety. Jean Talon market is usually where I pick up my supply of Habenero sauce and I've also had some fantastic Caribbean banana pepper sauce from there, but I cannot remember the brand name. There is also one store at the market that allows you to taste almost all the sauces if you so choose. I went through about 6 different ones last time before I made my decision and zipped off to find a bottle of water. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the shop, but they have a little fridge stocked with all the sauces and you just have to ask for a taste test. Good luck!

                          1. As a hot sauce manufacturer that sells in quite a few places in canada I can tell you that Hatari Brothers runs some of the biggest shops around. http://www.hataribros.com/ they are a HUGE distributor in Canada. Their website might give you some info


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                              Lisa is correct. Hatari Bros. has a tonne of their own product, I should know, my face is on one of them!! LOL.
                              You could try the Peppermaster. They have outlets in Quebec. Check out their retailer link http://www.peppermaster.com/index.php...
                              In the T.O. area, you should look up Taste the 4th Sense and the Salivation Corporation. They have an extensive selection of product. If you don't find anything locally, we can help you out online at www.unclebig.com. We've got Canada's largest online selection of hot sauces, over 400.
                              It depends where you live, I've got a few retailers that I work with and I could help point any rabid or budding chileheads with finding a retailer.

                            2. I know there is a place now in Quebec (Vanier) that offers a selection of hot sauces...and interestingly enough, a good variety of home made sausages and imported beers. How nice! The place sports a fair choice of hot sauces, like many of Blair's products (After Death, Sudden Death, etc..), the Hawaiian prized Hula Girl sauce and many more. Between 30 and 50 different bottles depending on the time you show up.
                              SAUCISSIER VOGT
                              Marché Fleur de Lys, 245, Soumande, Vanier
                              Québec, Canada
                              Tél. : 418 - 683 - 1436

                              1. Marché P.A. on Parc Ave. received a selection of Original Juan sauces.

                                1. This is an old thread, but since it is revived already...
                                  They don't have a big range, but Chipotle and Jalapeno on Amherst have imported Mexican hot sauces that were pretty good. Bonus is that you can try them before purchasing.

                                  1. I've recently noticed that Boucherie Beau-Bien 2000 on Promenade Ontario has 30+ American and Mexican style hot sauces each promising a greater level of injury than the next.

                                    1. 5 yrs later, i've still gotta hand it to caribe delite

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                                        Celfie, can you expand further? I'm intrigued. Merci

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                                          Caribe Delite is a Guyanese restaurant in Mile-End. They sell their homemade Scotch bonnet sauce. It's very good.