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Aug 31, 2006 02:00 PM

hot sauce

any stores with a wide variety of hot sauces?

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  1. The gourmet food place at the Atwater market. I can't remember the name(it's Lesley Chesterman's(Montreal Gazette critic & food writer) favourite place at the market).

    1. Les Douceurs du Marchee at Atwater Market, perhaps (could be the one BLM is referring to as well).

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      1. do they have a large selection of hot sauce? what i am talking about are those walls of hot sauce america style - like wild wood jersey - not the standards found within the likes of cinq saison. THANK YOU

        1. I've seen many sauces at La Dépense at JTM.

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            Most everything available at La Dépense can be bought for less at asian markets around town. If you want asian products it's well worth making a trip to Marché Hawaï on Marcel-Laurin in Ville Saint-Laurent.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              The original poster is looking for hot sauce, not Asian food. ;-)

          2. For an amazing selection, do you know the store in Ottawa that sells only hot sauces (+dried chiles); it's really a fun place, just 2 hrs away. You can order by mail as well:
            Chilly Chiles
            Address : 493 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON K1N 6Z5
            Telephone : 613-241-6668
            Website :

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            1. re: leeds

              how is it that ottawa has such a store and montreal does not
              bizarro world

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                THEY MOVED!!
                they used to be on Sussex, and now they have a new location somewhere in the west end..I'm sure the site has the address..AMAZING store though..Everything you could ever want in a hot sauce..hundreds of choices and varying degrees of heat.