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Aug 31, 2006 01:01 PM

86: Bomboa

Bomboa has been for sale for a looooong time. Word on the street is that 33 will be taking over the space Sept. 1st.

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  1. Was never much of a fan...though I'm not a fan of 33 either!

    1. I just can't believe that all of those poorly done TV ads are actually working for 33!

      1. Is there a less "chowsih" place in Massachusetts than 33? I'd rather go to Cheesecake Factory!

        1. I don't know. The food at 33 is honestly not that bad. The chef used to be at Aujourd'hui. I think it rightly gets a bad rap b/c of the cheesiness of the space/crowd, and I can't speak to the bartending there. But I've had a good dish or two there since he came on board. Am I the only one who feels this way? If so, fair enough...

          And when Bomboa first opened, I thought the food was downright good, though the original chef left early on for Miami or something.

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            I liked Bomboa too and wanted to go back a few months ago and realized things weren't looking great for them. Thought the space was fun and they had interesting cocktails. My first and only time at 33 was with that weird 1/2 French, 1/2 Italian menu that didn't work at all (and a couple parties). Heard it had gotten better. Surprised 33 would take over Bomboa, don't they make a big deal out of that basement area? Sad to see Bomboa go, it had been at least 6 years hadn't it?

          2. I loved Bomboa in its early days, but the food became much less interesting when the original chef left. Then they started cutting corners on the bartending -- the hand-muddling of the caipirinha became a cursory squish with a bar spoon -- and I lost any use for the place at all.

            33 had a revolving door of chefs for a long time, but the current guy has stuck for a while. His food is okay, but I'm hard-pressed to think of worse service than I got on my last two visits: nearly-comical ineptitude, less funny when the check arrived. Their bartending is decent, but inconsistent; not even the patio is enough to interest me anymore.