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Sat nt Drinks around Downtown Crossing?

Looking for suggestions for a place to hang Sat evening for a few drinks in Downtown Crossing area....trying to avoid dancing/college crowd but want something hip....thanks!

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  1. Silvertone, on Bromfield Street. Great drinks, fun crowd, no college or Euro dancing poseurs. :)

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      Silvertone is closed until September 7. Hope they didn't go there!

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        Well, at least there wouldn't be any lines. :)

    2. The bars at Teatro, No. 9 Park and Spire all would work. More upscale but definitely not college. Davio's, Excelsior and the Bristol Lounge a short walk away.

      1. I like Teatro but it is very small for drinks. Bristol Lounge may be a little too stuffy. Excelsior is a great spot. Also try IVY, they have a cool lounge downstairs. Felt is big but you may be disappointed with the crowd.

        1. Oh, I know the best place! Jacob Wirth's in the theater district. Friday nights is fun - Mel Stiller plays the piano and everyone sings. I think Saturday night there is a jazz group. It is worth it just to see the enormous and beautiful old mahogany bar. Hope this is a good suggestion for you.

          1. Try Les Zygomates - fun & hip bar, no students.

            1. I moved away 5 years ago, but in Downtown Crossing I liked J.J. Foley's, Silvertones (too bad it's closed right now), and Good Life. Back then none of them were very collegey.

              1. Downstairs at The Good Life you will find the largest frozen vodka bar in this part of the country. I'm not even a vodka drinker but I tried some things there that opened my eyes. Ask for the vodka with the "bison grass" in it. Wild. The atmosphere is very nice. http://www.goodlifebar.com/

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                  Caveat: Sat nights downstairs are all about the dancing/college (or, to me, very young!) crowd.

                2. Thanks all for the suggestions!
                  We had called ahead & found that Silvertone is closed until this week for renovations & cleaning.
                  We ended up having dinnerat Scollay Square, went to Felt afterwards.
                  Scollay Square is a great atmosphere, nice menu & wine list. A bit pricey for the quality however. Service was very good.
                  As expected, Felt was very nice but not really our crowd. Wine list was very small & not good at all.
                  Two places mentioned that we especially look forward to checking out are the Good Life (haven't been in years...) & Ivy.