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Aug 31, 2006 11:16 AM

solo dining flatiron

Staying in the 25th St/5th Ave area overnight, woman of a certain age seeks either a quiet place for solo dinner or good takeout. TIA.

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  1. Veritas and Gramercy Tavern are the usual (upscale) recs in that area.

    A search of the archives on "solo" will bring up loads of other options in the Flatiron/Gramercy/Chelsea nabes.

    1. Your options are pretty unlimited in the flatiron district. Name a price range and preferred type of cuisine.

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      1. re: antjones9

        Doesn't need to be too fancy. I'm sort of losing money on this trip, would prefer to keep things middlebrow. I'd probably be happy with a big salad & decent glass of wine.

      2. You could dine at the bar @ Eleven Madison Park

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        1. re: kesues

          L'express is a little lower end, but good solo. Haru or any of the other sushi places is probaby good, esp. at the bar.

          1. re: xavier

            I think the food at L'Express has gone downhill over the years and is now just so-so. Plus, it's hardly the quiet environment the o.p. is seeking.

            So many way better options in the area. Two of my favorites, Veritas and EMP, have already been mentioned. I would add another favorite, Fleur de Sel. Also, I've not been to Tocqueville since they moved into their new space, but the food has always been excellent.

        2. I think dining at EMP, with the new menu, would be a bit odd. It was a great place to solo dine when Terry was manning the kitchen. That being said, it is an excellent restaurant - even better than before.

          I'd go to the Tavern room at Gramercy Tavern or perhaps Veritas. A solo dinner at Fleur de Sel (no offense to my friend RGR) would bore me to tears.

          It's a bit more lively, but sitting at the bar at The Red Cat in Chelsea can be really nice. I've done that with great success.

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          1. re: dkstar1

            Hey, dk*1, No offense taken. :-) But the o.p. did say she wanted a "quiet place," and Fleur de Sel does fit that description. Actually, now that she has posted that she's not anxious to spend a lot of money and would be happy with a salad and a glass of wine (see her answer to anjones9 above), I think upscale places like EMP, Veritas and Fleur de Sel would not be particularly good choices.

            Btw, EMP's previous chef was Kerry Heffernan.

            1. re: RGR

              True. It is very quiet. I agree that with cost being an issue...neither of those places are a great fit. As for Kerry..yep, I know. Just a type o. :)

          2. You could go to Campanile (29th street between Madison and Park avenue south)" Really good Italian food and the owner chats with you if you sit at the bar. This is a really nice place.

            There is Les Halles also.

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            1. re: cricri7

              Les Halles?...deafeningly loud, rude service, long waits, and downhill food: exactly what the OP wants to avoid...

              1. re: Simon

                If you have an early dinner, it is not too loud. About the service, it depends on the waiter because the first time I went there the waiter offered me a glass of port after dinner, on the house, because it was a slow night and we spoke in French (he was from France and me from Quebec) and he was glad to speak French with someone. I had the steak and it was quite okay. It was not the best, but more than passing grade. When I went to NY this summer, I had breakfast there with my boyfriend and it was really good, and less expensive than the restaurant Country at our hotel the Carlton, and once again the waiter was super nice. However, the girl at the door was not on her best day!
                If you want good take out, that's what I do sometimes when I feel like staying in my hotel room watching good american TV(!), I go to Pax. It is at the corner of 23rd and Park avenue south. The quality of the food is excellent. You get good salads, sandwiches and soups. You choose the ingredients for your salad and they do it right in front of you.