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Aug 31, 2006 06:37 AM

My sister needs recs for vegetarian or even vegan restos....

We just had lunch downtown & had quite the dilema on ordering right off the menu. I enjoyed the food but felt bad that she just had to have some kind of salad. I know there has to be more out there than just le Commensal. Thanks!

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  1. for a vegan rstaurant, you can go to "Aux Vivres" on St-Laurent ( between mont-royal and villeneuve ); it a nice neighbourhood place, hippy-ish, but the food is good and well prepared.

    for vegetarian, there's Chu-Chai on St-Denis, a vege ( vegan ? ) thai retaurant, I never been there, so I can't comment.

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      I've been to chu-chai/chuch good stuff but a little pricey (student budget). SOrry I meant vege as vegetarian. Oh i read about a Tibetan Restaurant where I think they don't serve meat but cant' remember the name of it. Something along the lines of Ohm in their name. oh well it might be listed again in the Gazette Saturday so I'll check it out. I know Pushap is a good Indian vegetarian place as well.

    2. Chu-Chai is excellent (if you like Thai food). Someone reviewed it here recently, you can do a search.

      1. havent gone but have been meaning to, theres a hong kong style vegan chinese food joint on sherbrooke just east of st-denis that does all kinds of mock meat like duck - and i heard it is very good.

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          You're talking about the Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant called Yuan.

        2. Needs updating but still has lots of useful info:

          Also search the board for vegetarian, vegan, etc. This isn't the first time the question's been asked.

          1. Pushap is a tasty and cheap Indian vegetarian restaurant that is easy to get vegan meals at. They've just opened a new location on St-Denis, which is probably much more accessible that the one up by Namur metro, but I haven't been there, so I don't know if it's really the same.