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Aug 31, 2006 06:37 AM

Phil's Original BBQ Takeout 1st time

I very much enjoy ribs but for some reason don't hunt for it like other foods. I guess I always assume good ribs are easy to find but apparently not!

Anyways tried Phil's BBQ for the first time on takeout tonight. Had the combo (which had beef brisket, chicken leg, and ribs) and also the pulled pork sandwich.

The combo ($23) consists of a quarter chicken with leg, a good serving of brisket, and two nice long ribs along with sides of baked beans and coleslaw. My god was it large. I didn't try the chicken but the everything else was quite good. The coleslaw had a nice tang but wasn't spectacular but the baked beans were quite yummy - still keeping their shape but wonderfully soft was a sauce that was sweet but not sugary. The beef brisket everyone thought was disappointing; it was just very unremarkable with a slightly rough texture that didn't carry much beef flavor. The ribs however were very good - with meat that comes off easily but still has wonderful texture and has a nice smoky flavor. They were dry but ample BBQ sauce that was very good was offered. The ribs were of very high quality but I'm still split on these or the ones at Banknote (King and Bathurst) that are covered in sauce, moist, and also wonderful.

The pulled pork sandwich ($7) I compare with the one from Dangerous Dan's and this did not compare. The bun was a nice kaiser but the pork was try and didn't carry much of any flavor at all. There wasn't much sauce or anything else in the sandwich to carry the ingredients and it ended up being dry and bland but very 'heavy'. Dangerous Dan's has cheese and also the pork is tender and has BBQ sauce that's all cooked in a wonderful gooey mess. I chose a side of potato salad that was probably the most surprisingly good item of the bunch. Large chunks of potato with skin with carrots and other things mixed in a very nice and light creamy dressing that didn't overwelm or 'drench' the salad.

Full menu is

Overall a good experience with the ribs and potato salad coming out to me as being things to order when I actually go there to dine.

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  1. Hmm. It's been a while since I've been to Phil's, but last I was there, the brisket was great. Maybe it's time for another sampling.

    1. I wasn't too crazy about their pulled pork sandwich either. The chicken however is fantastic!

      1. Cheese on a pulled pork sandwich?? North Carolinians must be rolling in their graves.


        1. I agree that the potato salad at Phil's is remarkably good. Oddly enough, my favourite pulled pork in Toronto thus far has been at the House on Parliament.

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          1. re: xtal

            mine as well.. in fact, i dont really like ordering it any where else in fear that it wont be as good. and believe me, it just never is as good as house on parliament.

          2. Phils pulled pork tastes ASS! There is a definite ass taste-try it you will see!
            As a phils regular I must state this.
            However the chicken,ribs and brisket are worth the drive.
            Phils Tip-Show up before 8pm on Friday or Saturday if you don't want to stand and wait for a table.
            Also- your chances of getting cold food increase if you come late.
            I wish Phils didn't sell booze because the ALKY's take up all the seats and RUN THEIR GATES @ volume #10! Most of them don't even eat the BBQ anyways!
            Just imagine waiting for a table for 30min and hearing these drunks asking the waiter "WHAT IS BRISKET?" DAMN!!