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Aug 31, 2006 05:29 AM

6 egg whites, what to do?

I have 6 egg whites, I have no idea what to do with them. I usually end up saving them, then throwing them out because I forget to use them. Any ideas? BTW, I hate egg white omeletes.

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  1. Angel food Cake, a pie with lots of meringue, chiffon cake, meringue cookies, a souffle.

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    1. re: Janet

      lighten a flourless chocolate cake..beat egg whites to soft peaks,
      add quarter of whites to lighten batter, fold balance into batter.

    2. I made pavlovas the other day with six left over egg whites - make a meringue, then make circles of meringe, indent the middles a bit, bake. Serve with strawberries/whipped cream/chocolate sauce.

        1. I LOVE pavlovas. Or just meringue cookies. Or financiers.

          1. Dacquoise. I seem to be recommending this all the time on this board. It's a meringue with ground nuts (almonds or hazelnuts or both) replacing part of the sugar. It can be baked as cookies, or in cake pans to be layered. It's not nearly as sweet as meringue and has lovely toasted nuts flavors. I'm making a marjolaine for DH's birthday this weekend so it's on my mind. It's also the basis for European macarons which are dacquoise-type cookies sandwiched with fillings.

            You can find an online recipe by searching. Just adjust proportions to your number of egg whites.