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Aug 31, 2006 05:04 AM

Where to buy a tagine?

I'm in the market for a Tagine. I'm looking for something reasonably authentic and reasonably cheap ($45 or less). Does anyone have a suggestion on where I should check out? Also, any recommendation on buying glazed or not?


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  1. Hi - I had been looking for one many years ago and came up empty after checking out a few kitchen stores downtown. I'd now do a bit of research on-line - pretty sure Le Creuset makes a tagine (though it won't be within your price range) - and if so, you can check out Caplan Duval's website for better prices. As to glazed or unglazed, may be better to post that question on the Home Cooking board. Good luck!

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      I would suggest that if you are going to make tagines often and regularly, that the Le Creuset is a good deal. I use mine regularly and it works wonderfully. Yes it is not as "authentic" but you don't have to season it or soak it in water to prevent damage. You also have to watch the glazing used in some of the clay tagines as they are often meant to be decorative and not cooked with...

      I got my tagine at the William Ashley sale last year...

    2. I bought a ceramic one at Caban last year - unglazed on the outside and glazed on the inside. I think about $20. It's a longshot, but maybe check out the Queen St. store to see if they're offloading any in the final days? Another idea is They have a wide variety of tagines at pricepoints starting around $25. Failing that, call Boujadi Restaurant on Eglinton and ask them where to buy one. They'll certainly know and are wonderfully helpful!
      Good luck!

      1. Don't you have Crate & Barrel there? There are loads of china stores on Bloor but I wasn't looking for a tagine so I don't recall seeing one.


        1. I have the TAGINE answer for you (after MUCH researching myself, I can tell you!). You want to go to a shop on Queen Street West called HAVEN (it's actually where the owner of Boujadi sources his- and at Haven, you'll have less of a markup). The owner (one of them- it's a husband/wife team)- Ali, imports his from North Africa. He's got good, old fashioned clay tagines (the work horse kind that need to be seasoned), glazed tagines and the most gorgeous kinds used for serving food only that are intricately woven with silver filigree- they are stunning table pieces (and the most expensive). He carried a number of sizes (including cute mini-tagines for condiments), styles and offers them at various price points to suit any pocket book. Plus, he's an awfully nice guy! Let me know if you've any luck with it. Cheers!

          1. There are also a number of halal butcher/grocery stores on Danforth, north of Pape. I believe one is called Tahsin. You might have some luck there and it's always good to buy from somene who can import from the original source.

            It would bug me to know that something that should be authentically made is being massed produced in China for Walmart.

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              i live in this area - danforth EAST of Pape - and i'm not sure any of those places sell tagines. Tahsin Market 416 466 5041 has food products from all over, but they are a Turkish business primarily not Morrocan.

              I think I have seen the place cookbook descibes and it made me want to buy a tagine.