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Aug 31, 2006 04:39 AM

Do they sell smarties in montreal??

I am a big fan of them.

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  1. They certainly do~~~last christmas i tried some ice cream flavours, found them awkward and too sweet. I much prefer the original flavours...Ah brings me back to my childhood treats. Enjoy!

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    1. re: Yummy Stuff

      I guess I would be able to find it at any grocery stores? What is a big grocery chain out there?

      1. re: goodfoodlover

        I suggest u go to the pharmacies like (Pharmaprix or Jean Coutu)There's always depanneurs like Couche-Tard (chain of convenient stores) Jusr out of curiousity, where are u visiting from? We usually have similiar chocolates to that of the UK. After all the queen's b~day is a holiday here or it's just called Victoria wkend?!

    2. Yes, the definitely do because I saw an advertisement for them in a bush shelter downtown yesterday. PS. I eat the yellow ones last.

      1. every gas station, dep, grocery store, dollar store, vending machine, school cafeteria, gift shop, etc, sells smarties in quebec

        1. Smarties, the chocolates, are sold basically everywhere. Look under a rock and you just might find some. But if you're talking about what the Americans know as Smarties, the tart candies in a wrapper that we get for Halloween, they're called Rockets up here and are usually found in most candy shops year round and in pharmacies and department stores starting in the next few weeks since Halloween is coming.

          1. Thanks for all your help. I love smarties and they never sell them in the States (except for gastronomic prices in big cities like NYC etc.) I cannot wait to go to Montreal JUST to get those smarties!! :)