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Aug 31, 2006 04:38 AM

Korean in Paris

Hi, I'm looking to find some affordable Korean spots in Paris. Tofu houses or BBQ. I'm willing to go anywhere in the city, but mostly around the Latin Quarter.

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  1. Han Lim - one of the oldest Korean restaurants in Paris - affordable lunch specials - BBQ - right in the heart of the Latin Quarter - just off Rue Mouffetard at Place Contrescarpe.

    Han Lim
    6 rue Blainville
    75005 Paris
    01 43 54 62 74

    Check out this site for Korean restaurants in Paris by arrondissement and others in France.

    1. Out of the way, but if you want completely authentic korean, go to
      Nam San
      87 avenue de Flandre
      75019 Paris
      (Métro Riquet ou Crimée)
      It's the only restaurant my Korean frinds go to.

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      1. re: poncho

        Nam San recently shut down .... does anyone have advice as to another place as delicious and reasonably priced. I was so sad to see the gates shut.

        1. re: Hannah Banana

          Oh no, really? I just moved to this area and was looking forward to trying this place out...!! All the korean restos seem to be in the 15th, now there's none in the 19th or the 20th.

        2. Hi, do you guys know any korean reaturants in Montpellier? I really want some korean food now!:) Or perhaps you know any korean store in Montpellier?

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          1. re: lillyoung

            This is kind of vague, but theres a Koreans community in the 15 arrondissement near Beau Grenelle, Charles Michel, La Motte Picquet Grennelle. There are several restaurants in the area. I used to work around there and often had lunch at a restaurant on the rue de Javel and the rue Charles Michel, which I enjoyed, and which a kimchi expert told me was good.

            1. re: vielleanglaise

              Odori is very good and reasonably priced--18 Rue Letellier 75015 (01 45 77 88 12). I was told that the chef worked at WooJung (8 bd. Delessert 75016; 01 45 20 72 82) before opening his own place. WooJung is always full of Koreans diplomats from the OECD and Embassy. It's excellent but expensive. I tried Seoul (165 rue de Javel 75015; 01 40 60 60 60) but much prefer Odori.

          2. Phyllis and I had a fine lunch at Sobane
            5, r. de la Tour d'Auvergne
            75009 PARIS
            T 01 48 78 02 91
            m° Saint-Georges / Cadet
            closed Sundays

            1. Zombie thread!

              I'll add my recommendation for a reasonably priced, reasonably good (although inconsistent) korean spot:

              Cafe Seoul
              19 rue Fbg St-Antoine
              M° Bastille / Ledru-Rollin