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Aug 31, 2006 04:20 AM

I Cugini

Going there for a friend's birthday! Any recommendations? Patrons rave about the whole cooked fish. What do you like?


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  1. Margarita Pizza and the Caesar salad!

    1. their calamari steak is great

      1. Do not miss the branzino! OMG it is fabulous. They braise it with fennel, capers tomato broth and more. The night we were there it was enough for two to share.

        1. I love their hot and cold apps. Highlights include white anchovies, excellent tuna tartare, and the seafood salad. I wish I could recall more of what I usually get but I am having a senior moment. Also, I love their wine list.

          1. their seafood soup is phenomenal too.