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Macaroni and Cheese?

I was wondering if anyone has any reco's for a good place to find macaroni and cheese (homestyle/comfort food type)?

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  1. I love the mac and cheese at Oliver and Bonacini (I know, I know) at Bayview Village Mall. It's made with goat cheese and white cheddar and has bit of chicken in it. Great comfort food.

    1. I used to like the mac and cheese at the Senator, but I have not been there for a long time, so I don't know if they still make it.They used fusilli instead of maccaroni, as I recall.

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        Can't be sure, but I seem to recall hearing that the Senator had closed, or at least morphed into something else, not long ago.

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          The Top of the Senator is gone, but I think the diner is still there...

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          the mac and cheese at the Senator is divine. It's a different cheese at lunch than at dinner. We had dinner. It's not as strong a cheese at lunch I think. It's fabulous, but not what I would think of as 'homestyle' mac and cheese, no breadcrumb crust or anything, just pasta with a phenominal cheese sauce.

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            I go in there every day for coffee and overheard them talking about a location (relocation?) on Church, across from the Beer Store. I didn't clarify with them, partially because I'm in denial that they're moving, and partially because I was eavesdropping. They do still have the mac and cheese on the menu.

          2. Haven't tried it but Weezie's on King East at Power has a baked mac n' cheese variation.

            1. Rebel House on Yonge near Rosedale Station.

              1. i had mac n cheese at frans...it was pretty good, not the best but i would have it again!

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                  I had hopes for the Mac and Cheese at Frans but like most of their dishes and service it seems to have declined since it's homey inception.

                  It's gooey but lacks cheese tastes and ends up being a little gummy and not very flavorful.

                2. How about this from Lola Steak Bistro on Yonge, south of Eg:

                  Tenderloin Truffle Macaroni & Cheese-
                  Medallions of tenderloin, asparagus, smoked gruyere, truffle essence, white wine,mac & cheese.

                  1. Haven't tried it myself, but the mac & cheese at the Avenue Open Kitchen (little street off the west side of Spadina, south of Richmond) is very popular here at the office, at least when people are looking for comfort food. Very low end, though -- if you want gourmet, see great suggestions above!

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                      The Mac and Cheese at Rebel House is deliciuos. Haven't been there in awhile, but Aunties and Unbles used to have a good Mac & Cheese too.

                    2. Thanks everyone, looks like I have a lot of eating to do! I'll be sure to report back! (Craig, I actually made a special trip to Aunties and Uncles last year to try it, but they were all closed up...do you know if they go away for the winter?)

                      I'm with you all on Fran's...disappointing. And for Top of the Senator's let's not even talk about it sniff-sniff.