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Cheesesteaks in the village?

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The other night I ran into a delivery guy from a cheesesteak place in my building. He said the place was on 6th avenue but that they delivered to my neighborhood (Chelsea). I forgot to write down the name of the place and now I can't remember. I think he said it was around 17th street but I'm not sure. Is there a good cheeseteak place there? Thanks for your help!


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  1. There's a cheesesteak place on University on the west side of the street between 12th and 13th that does a bunch of varieties, but I've only had a chicken version there, not the cheesesteak (the "hot chick" was good). It's called Philly Slims.

    1. There's a place on 6th between 14th and 15th called the Cheesesteak Factory. Only had their cheesesteak once and thought it was horrible--stringy chewy meat. Yuck. I've heard good things from some people about Wogie's on Greenwhich Ave between 6th and 7th.

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        Wogie's is excellent. It is a great hang out place for beers afterwork/school and also does do deliveries. I like their option of getting the cheesteak in a wrap as there is not as much bread. The wings are decent too.

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          Agreed on Wogie's. Despite not knowing much about the whole cheesesteak phenomenon, I'm a pretty big fan of this place.

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            Wogie's cheesesteaks and cheeseteak hogies are great! my wife and I both love it. we order to have them delivered all the time.

      2. carls on 34th and 3rd...excellent sandwiches!

        1. Wogie's is fantastic. I come in from Brooklyn just to get their cheesesteaks and fries, and $3 pints of Yuengling? Completely worth it.

          1. Check out 99 Miles To Philly on Bleecker Street. Excellent stuff and they give 15% off to local worker in the Village if you have a paystub from your job. They also have Boylan's sodas and Gus' pickles.n Appropriately greasy but the roll holds up really well and the meat is chopped up just right.