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Aug 31, 2006 03:55 AM

White Strawberries

I just had a white strawberry this evening. It was longer and thin rather than traditionally shaped red strawberries. The flavor was delicate and not as intensely sweet as a red strawberry. Has anyone else tasted one?

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  1. There are lots of types of white strawberries as well as golden and other shades. Each type has its own taste, fragrance, size, and shape and are grown all over the world. One very interesting thing about white strawberries is that people who are allergic to red ones have no problem with the white and golden ones. This is due to a protein found in the red but not white or golden ones.

    1. It's fairly common to see white strawberries at farmers' markets in California in season. These aren't the same kind of strawberry that you normally get -- they're what the French call "fraises des bois" and Minnesotans call "deer strawberries", and they're closer to what a wild strawberry is.

      I actually like fraises des bois in red better than in white.

      1. Aren't the small red ones called "mire de bois" (I don't know if that is spelled correctly).

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          Not sure, but I think that should be "mure". However, "mure" is the French word for blackberry (there's a caret, aka hat, over the "u"). "Fraise" means strawberry. The phrase "x de bois" means wild - technically "woodland" - fruit.


        2. Wow! I am no sure if we have those here in Ontario. We have loads of strawberris which are usually much smaller and sweeter than those we get imported from California.

          I wonder if anyone has encountered these in old Ontario.


          1. Yeah, I've had some in my time. Not sure of the variety or the names, but I do remember they did taste less "strawberry like" than their red cousins.