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Aug 31, 2006 03:42 AM

Austin - Lumpia?

Is there a place in Austin to get the Filipino food, Lumpia? It is similar to an egg roll.


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  1. Great question. I remember them from when I was a kid, we lived in Manila for six months. Lots of vegetables in the ones the ladies made. A friend's Filipino wife here made me some that were more meat based, didn't get me going. Peony on Balcones has something they call lumpia but it seemed awfully like an (overpriced) eggroll to me. Maybe someone will answer--there's a place on Parmer a couple blocks E of Mopac that says Filipino foods on it, I'll go check it out. Give me an excuse to go to Curry in Hurry, which ROCKS!

    1. I'll second "Curry in a Hurry", good stuff!

      1. There is a Filipino grocery in a small shopping center located on Braker Lane behind the wells fargo off I-35 South. They have a buffet where you can call in a day in advance and request them to make specific items for the next day buffet. I've never seen lumpia there but maybe you can request it. The food is pretty good although a bit on the oily side. Info below.

        Oriental Grocery and Bakery
        707 E Braker Ln # 105
        Austin, TX 78753
        (512) 833-9420

        1. Oriental Grocery is decent and cheap for a filipino buffet. I believe it's $6 for the buffet.

          The place on Parmer just east of MOPAC is called Gamad's. They usually only serve lunch and have a different variety every day. You can also order off their menu which does include lumpia I believe.

          Another place is Mang Dedoy's on Anderson Mill between Parmer and 183. They serve buffet style or off their menu. A little pricey, but pretty good food.

          1. Thanks for the tips, I will follow up on them in time.

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              I ran across a small Filipino grocery store on Oltorf street next to Pho88? They have a couple of tables there and they serve lumpia. Pretty good stuff.