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Aug 31, 2006 03:41 AM

Ghiradelli Chocolate Festival question

What can I expect? Is it going to be overwhelmingly touristy? A friend wants to go, she'd also like to visit Pier 39 too but I will strongly lobby for the Ferry Plaza. Regardless, I figure it might be fun for people watching and a trip out of town. Thanks

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  1. I went years ago before chowhound and I really enjoyed it. Would love to here updates and please report back if you guys go.

    1. I took some visitors couple years ago and they had a great time. Can't beat the view of the bay.

      1. I went last year and, while I enjoyed the chocolate tastings, found it way too crowded. If possible, get there early. Perhaps my mistake was getting there towards the end of the day.

        1. Here's my update: overall it was ok. None of the vendors stood out as exceptional, though I found the Laloo goat milk ice cream to be interesting. My friend and I both had the Cabernet Chocolate. She described it as having a syrupy consistency, I liked the goat milk dark chocolate combo. We had the reserve flight at Wattle Creek, but again not anything to write home about. My friend tried one of the big red wines at the chocobar but tossed half of it, I had a taste before she did and it started to give me a headache. We didn't use all of tastes so we hit the Ghiradelli and Almond Toffee booths and loaded up on mini candy bars to bring to coworkers. The kids attending the event were having a great time. I would imagine for a small investment a family could share a tasting card and have a lot of fun. All was not lost, we ended up happening upon the Oakville Grocery and stopped in for wine and cheese and respite from the tourists. We also made it to the ferry plaza and farmers market prior to Ghiradelli and had a great time there as well. All and all we had a lot of fun. I always hate to leave SF and I always can't wait to come back!

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              I hope nobody skipped Ferry Plaza on Saturday for that. Safeway's not exactly the leader that you want for a food event.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Absolutely not!! The Amtrak bus put us smack dab in front of Rose Pistola and Blue Bottle. We spent more time there than the festival, but that is another topic.