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Aug 31, 2006 03:12 AM

Cambridge One

Several months ago, I asked for help picking a spot in Harvard Square. I took one of those recommendations recently (on another trip--I don't plan that far in advance!) and tried Cambridge One.

The place looks like Audubon (I think I read they have the same owners?), which is a good start for me. We shared two half pizzas--one with sorrel and chevre (ok--I was expecting dressed greens with the goat cheese but it was sort of dry. Still good, but I wouldn't get it again) and one with chicken, red peppers, and I think mozzerella & parmesan. It had a little kick and was very tasty (I had chosen the sorrel and chevre half--I hate being out-ordered ;) ). It's definitely knife-and-fork pizza. We had a couple of glasses of $6 Chianti, which were fine for the occasion (i.e. no occasion whatsoever).

I never found a menu online, but (for the uninitiated) it's a dozen pizzas and maybe half a dozen salads. The pizzas are available half or whole--I believe the whole pizzas were $12-15.

Overall a good, inexpensive dinner. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  1. Yes, same owners as Audubon Circle, Miracle of Science, and Middlesex.

    I am secretly hoping they will branch out to Somerville and take over the (cursed) former Sauce and 400 Highland spot in Davis Sq.

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      A couple weekends ago I was in Portsmouth and went to Flatbread Pizza which I loved. We were talking to one of the staff who asked where we were from and when I said "Somerville" she said they were very interested in opening a Flatbread in Davis Square area!!! That would be a great addition and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it.

      1. re: SEH exciting! I was just at Flatbreat in Portland, ME this past weekend and it was fabulous. I would be so excited to see a Flatbread within 1 mile of my dangerous as that could be.

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          oooh! I'll secretly hope for either or both of these things. :-)

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          i just read that the owners are opening a second cambridge 1 pizza near fenway. wonder if it will still be called "cambridge 1"...?

        3. I love Cambridge One...for some reason, the style of pizza and the portion size seems "right" regardless of the meal or the occasion.

          Probably one of my favorite Harvard Square moments came this summer...a Sunday morning late in July, I was entertaining friends from out of town and killing some time in Harvard Square around noon. Around 12:30 we pulled up a seat at Cambridge One just as they opened...the combination of the emptiness of the area, the food (the potato pizza), the midday sun, and a cold Harpoon IPA made for a good time.

          1. the pizza at camb one is like no other i have had. it is so clean flavored- no oily greasy anything. the tomato sauce also has no oil and has a very almost-uncooked flavor - like a fresh tomato concasse. we alw ask for one with ham, scallions, pesto and chevre. yum yum- try that next time!

            1. I went ot Cambridge 1 this week, it's very pleasant inside with the slate and wood and view of the old graveyard, scent of woodfire, also good beer.

              But I wasn't happy with the pizza, they seemed afraid to cook it. The crust was browned on the bottom but just barely cooked on top. The tomato tasted like stewed tomato, perhaps fresh out of the can, and the basil must have been added after cooking because it looked freshly sliced. My guess is that the oven was too hot and so they couldn't really cook the topping without burning the thin crust.

              I wouldn't mind food choices other than pizza, chicken and seafood cooked in a wood oven mught be great. I like Miracle of Science a lot, and Audubon Circle is ok, don't like the inside of Middlesex.

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                Steinpilz, I could not have said it better myself. The dough is always under cooked on top (and we're talking thin crust pizza).

              2. Their potato-topped pizza is stellar--worth a trip in itself, and it definitely outshines the few other things I have tried there. I agree that the sorrel and chevre is good but dry; maybe they need a way of making it seem more cohesive and less like a salad on a flatbread. The Moretti on tap is nice!