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Best Colombian Food In the GTA?

I've been to Columbus Bakery and thought it was wonderful (great Bunuelos like I used to have when I was a kid). Now I'm wondering what you hounds think of Los Arrieros, Mi Tierra and the other Colombian bakery up in Forest Hill? Any others I've missed worth knowing about? Gracias!

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  1. I have never been to Los Arrieros, tried to get take out there once but they did not offer it. The place is on Jane and Anette, and always seemed busy and full of Columbians when it was open. I take that as a good sign when people of the same culture are eating at a restaurant that serves there homelands food. I, too, am curious if it is good or not? Maybe this thread will inspire me to return

    1. Yeah- one Colombian pal told me she quite liked it. I'll have to take my mom there and try it out. When I do, I'll report back to you...

      1. La Paisa moved east to St Clair W near Arlington. I haven't been in yet, but it had a good rep when it was at Caledonia. It might be worth checking out.

        1. Thanks Mikeb- I actually saw it when I was filming across the street at La Cocina de Dona Luz (which is Peruvian and they make a FINE Pisco Sour!). I'll have to check that out too... Wondering if anyone's actually eaten there though.

          1. I went to Mi Tierra with a friend of mine who lives in Colombia, and he thought it was really pretty good. I enjoyed the food, as well, but it's my first experience with Colombian, so I can't comment more specifically on whether it was particularly authentic or particularly good.

            1. Thanks Jacquilynne- that's a start. What did you have? La Bandeja Paisa per chance?

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                La Bandeja Tipica, I believe. Basically a Colombian dinner plate - it came with rice and beans and a big slab of chicharron (which was utterly fantastic, I might add), some plantain, and some other stuff, that I no longer remember. We also had some Arepas to start, and I had mine with sausage. The sausage was really, really good - very rustic and chunky with a strong hit of cumin flavour.

              2. my frist review kind of post :)

                I just went there tonight and really enjoyed it. one of us (6 total) is colombian and she recommened this place. She also mentioned that she tried the one in St clair and didn't like it. This place is real colombian food.

                the decor is interesting with different kind of colombian things hanging on the wall. the table and chair, however, give a bit of fast-food resto impression.

                for drinks we had Lulo, Mora (these two are bit sour and not my liking), natual juice, soda(not so special). my colombian friend had the Guanabana (Soursop in english and no it is not sour). i tried it and ordered one more. the natual juice, according to my friend is real natual. she liked it.

                as for food, we started with the patty. very tasty, we would have ordered another round of it if not for the purpose of tasting different kind of dishes.

                had the fried pork, meat platter ($16 i think),chicken, seafood (Red snapper), shrimp (bit small potion and not that special). most of the dishes are big potion.

                the fries are surprising good and i can't resist eating it :)

                we skipped the international section in the menu as we were there for the colombian.

                coffee to end the meal. bill comes total $129(w/o tips). overall, very good meal and decent price.

                although the owner and waitress don't speak much english, the service is very friendly.

                the only gripe i have is that they don't serve alcohol.

                oh, the menu is on their website http://www.losarrierosrestaurante.com/

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                  Los Arrieros is very near my house, and I keep meaning to try it, but the one time I actually got as far as making arrangements to meet someone there, it turned out to be closed.

                  We ended up at Maya, a Guatemalan place a couple of blocks up the street that was very good.

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                    Hi Jacquilynne, how is food at Maya? I have passed by it many times. I was thinking of taking my guatemalan friend there, how are the prices?

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                    one correction: they do serve alcohol. they just don't have colombian alcohol which i mistakenly assume they don't serve at all.

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                      they probably do now since you can get Aguardiente from LCBO

                  3. there's another place at 2848 Dufferin called Sazon Del Pacifico. It's about a block south of Columbus Bakery on the west side of the street. It's kind of a non-descript hole in the wall place so don't blink or you will miss it. It's nothing fancy but the food was amazing. I ordered the Bandeja Paisa and my Colombian GF ordered the Sancocho de Pescado. $17 each and both were massive portions. I've finished off BP's all over town and this was better than most. BP comes with a salad, fried egg on top of rice, an avocado, steak, chicharron, chorizo, and beans. Colombians cook steak well done - not rare or medium - and they don't ask you how you want it. For being well done, the beef was so tender and moist it was amazing. I also liked that the beans came in a bowl on the side which helped to keep them hot longer. My GF's Sancocho (soup) was so aromatic, I had to steal some from her to try. OMG it was so tasty I can't believe I never tried it before. But be careful . As it's made with fish you will get small fish bones in it. She also got a plate with a whole fish cooked on it, plus salad and delicious coconut rice. I first tried coconut rice in Cartagena, and this took me back to the beach. The chef is a big friendly entertaining guy who loves food and futbol. If you are looking for great food, great portions & great prices, try this out. BTW - we both ended up with take-home doggy bags. I tried valiantly to finish it but I would have been suffering all night if I did.

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                      Went to Sazon Del Pacifico and had a very pleasant lunch. We did the Bandeja Paisa and the steak plate both of which were fine. buzzcity's review above was most helpful.
                      A very genuine place but not haute cusine.