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Aug 31, 2006 02:33 AM

Romantic and inexpensive byob in CC?

Would like to take the lady out for a nice romantic dinner this weekend, we're buying a house and haven't been able to spend like we used to. We're due for a nice romantic meal, I would like to do so on a smaller budget. Food type doesn't matter, we like Italian as well as anything else really. Thanks

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  1. Tony, Tony, Tony!

    There's about a million BYO threads on the site.

    Use the search function and check them out

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    1. re: sailbadthesinner

      Yeah, but not too many have the 'inexpensive' qualifier in them. I'm interested to hear what's good on a budget, too. All ears...

      1. re: spyturtle008

        Ok, Kabul might do it. 2nd and chestnut. It is cheap -- as in $15 is the absolute most you would spend for an entree. It's dark too. It's afghani food, which is adventurous. and byo. Also, Kabul can be quiet, unlinke most of the other byos where I always feel like I'm on top of someone else and they can hear everything i am saying

    2. Don't know what your budget is, but we like Cedars for Lebanese food. Family run, liquor license, varied menu of well-prepared, inexpensive food. The restaurant is a small, casual,white tablecloth place and service has always been good. You might have to make your own romance, but it's not that hard when sharing bowls of homemade hummus and babaganoush. There's something for everybody on the menu; those who don't care for Middle Eastern fare can simply order shishkebob (lamb, chicken, beef) or a fish dish. They also have a vegetarian stuffed eggplant that I love.

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      1. re: Elaine

        I'll look into Cedar's. Where is it? At this point we definitely need something...someone help please!! We need to get out. It's going to be a washout most of this weekend so I dont think reservations will be too big of a deal. Think romantic and inexpensive.

        1. re: Tonyjlive

          How inexpensive? There are plenty of inexpensive ones but to find something romantic too? Most of the really inexpensive ones with good food are lacking in atmosphere.

          Give Radicchio a try. The entrees are in the high teens low $20s. You can get Dover sole for $20. They don't take reservations.

          Alternatively Figs is a good mid-priced medi restaurant in the art museum area. They do take reservations.

          These are about the nicest mid-priced byos around.

          1. re: Tonyjlive

            Cedars is at 616 S. 2nd. They're not BYOB, but the food is inexpensive and adding a couple of glasses of wine won't break the bank. Desserts are limited, so you may prefer to walk a block and a half to the Pink Rose (4th & Bainbridge. And again, the romantic part is up to you.

            Wherever you end up, have a great time, and congratulations on the house!