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Aug 31, 2006 02:03 AM

Mario Cancelled

Just read that Mario's show wasn't renewed on
the Food Network. Anyone know anything?

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  1. They need the timeslot so they can show us more "Unwrapped" episodes of the Pringles canning line, and more "Ham On The Street" monkeying around, Mario doesn't have anything to teach us.

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      Unwrapped sucks as does that one with the black guy who goes around candy factories and eats lollipops!


      1. re: ChinoWayne

        I agree. FN's systematic attempts to eliminate talent is impressive. Re-runs of Molto Mario were 1 of the few last legitimate shows left on the FN and they rightly determined that it didn't fit into their line of minimally talented chefs (for the ones that actually went to culinary school).

        It's up to the likes of Flay, Emeril, Ray, et al. to spoonfeed bland cuisine to the unsuspecting public. The days of food education and culinary discovery are over. Hail the era of uninspired mediocre programming.

        I swear it's real life Fountainhead.

      2. And his cleavage isn't in the right place!

        1. Great news. I love Mario, he's just too real to be on the TV putz network with those other clowns. He'll probably end up doing something else with Bourdain or just by himself - showing people what real appetites, real food, and a real gusto for life is all about. Next to go - Alton. And then they'll all be bozo's on that bus. (ok, maybe an ewok or two...)

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          1. re: applehome

            Bourdain hates Batali. Don't see that one happening.

            After reading Heat, it seems like they should get along though.

            1. re: bobzemuda

              "Heat is a remarkable work on a number of fronts--and for a number of reasons. First, watching the author, an untrained, inexperienced and middle-aged desk jockey slowly transform into not just a useful line cook--but an extraordinarily knowledgable one is pure pleasure."

              That's Bourdain reviewing Heat on Here's the page for the complete review:

              I guess you also didn't see the No Reservations in NJ, or read the chapter, Is Celebrity Killing the Great Chefs, in his latest book, The Nasty Bits. He has nothing but good things to say about Mario. The comedy bit at the end of the No Reservations with the two of them together was great - they obviously got along.

              1. re: bobzemuda

                I think you've got that backwards. Bourdain LOOOOOVES Batali. When I met him, he always used him as an example of what's right with food trends in America. See here:


                Do you think that's partially the result of people like yourself and even people that you somewhat disdain like the Emeril's and the Bobby Flays of the world?

                I think you can look at people like Mario Batali who really highlighted it at the restaurants, who used that fame and panache of being on TV, that cache of being on TV to get people to eat things they might not have otherwise eaten.

                You're going to Seattle next, is that right? Are you going to eat at Batali's dad's place?

                Absolutely. I think Salumi should be a national monument. They should put yellow police tape a block in every direction around it to protect that thing like a national monument. Absolutely incredible -- everything good about the world is encapsulated by that man and that restaurant, that operation. It's historic. Look at the influence that place has -- how many people are curing their own meat now. That's a perfect place. That's a happy man -- a guy who left Boeing as an engineer late in life and said, "You know what, I'm going to go out and learn how to make -- you know, really make -- Italian cured meats," and went out and did it. He's using spectacular amounts of the total supply of pork cheeks in the entire Pacific Northwest. I love that.

                I think he also admires Batali's drinking prowess.

                Molto Mario was a great food network show. He put more information and technique into a half hour than any other chef on television. And while he had guests, it never turned into Hollywood Squares -- some odd way of promoting some celeb's next book. You hardly knew they were celebrities.

                1. re: extramsg

                  Agreed, he only had good things to say about Mario when he spoke at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

                  He trashed Emeril - but said his cookware line was of actual quality. Interesting...

                  1. re: oaklandfoodie

                    I love my Emeril 12 inch fry pan (stainless)

              2. re: applehome

                I totally agree. I really don't like the Food Network. I will admit to loving Nigella, but I admit she's over-gushy and I don't really understand why I like her so much. I guess because she's provided me with loads o great recipes.

                Mario B never fit on FoodTV I never could figure out how they ever hired him in the first place. Now maybe he'll join the wonderful PBS lineup of Bayless, Bittman, Pepin, Lydia B., etc.

              3. Maybe it's just a salary concern determining who stays and who goes.

                1. Another good one bites the dust.