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Aug 31, 2006 01:59 AM

Good inexpensive restaurants near Whitehall Hotel

Hi everyone, a group of us are very excited to come to Chicago for the first time and are looking for good, inexpensive restaurants in the downtown area.

Any good recommendations? We're planning to run the marathon on Sunday, October 22.

Many thanks!

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  1. There's actually a pretty nice place right in The Whilehall called Fornetto Mei. It's mostly Italian with a touch of Asian (potstickers). I've only been there once and at that over a year ago, but I found it better than expected. Inexpensive depends on your definition of course, but I remember basically normal Italian prices: $8-10 appetizers and $15-20 entrees. Wine ranged from mid-30's on up.

      Greek Islands in Greektown at Halsted and Adams for excellent Greek food in a vibrant atmosphere and reasonably priced.

      Reza's on West Ontario for very good Persian Food at reasonable prices. Try the weekend brunch or daily lunch buffets.

      Lou Malnati's on Wells or Geno's East on Rush Street for great Chicago Style deep dish pizza.

      MR. BEEF: on Orleans for great Italian Beef Sandwiches.

      Portillo's on Ontario for a variety of Chicago eats; Hot Dogs, Italian Beef sandwiches, pasta, salads, ribs, chicken, etc. Very casual and really inexpensive.

      Tufano's Vernon Park Tap on Vernon Park just off of Racine avenue in the Little Italy nieghborhood for mom and pop Italian food for ridiculously cheap prices. Cash only.

      Cafe Iberico on LaSalle Street just south of Chicago Avenue for inexpensive Spanish Tapas in a fun atmosphere.

      Pancho Pistolas in the Bridgeport nieghborhood for Mexican Food. The Carne Asada (mexican steak) and many other dishes are outstanding. Clean Modern exposed brick decor. My only complaint is the mediocre margarita's...taste like syrup.


      1. Thanks, everyone for the great advice! We're arriving in Chicago next Friday and are very excited to be visiting your wonderful city.

        Sounds like there will be many, many places to choose from when it comes to good food.

        Thanks again for the tips!

        The Hungry Canadians:-)

        1. Amarit Thai on state street is inexpensive, very close (about 4 blocks), and consistently good.

          Club Lago is an old-style, very casual and authentic Italian bar-restaurant on Superior at Orleans, about 8 blocks.

          Hope you get nice weather for the run.

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            Agree with jayh's comment on Amarit. Actually it is only 1 1/2 blocks west of the Whitehall - southeast corner of State and Delaware

            Blue Agave (Mexican) is also good and cheap - just west of State/Rush on Maple

          2. Hey, Hungry Canadian - my husband and I are also running Chiacgo and staying in the Whitehall. We made reservations at the hotel restaurant to make things easy. Off the food subject - how are you getting to the race start? We were nervous about the bus or metro and were thinking of taking a cab. I just wondered if you had any other ideas.