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Aug 31, 2006 01:43 AM

John Paul's Armadillo - Columbia, SC

RIP.... And the new owner's are (drum roll) Garibaldi's! Can't wait to see what they do. It will be in addition to, not instead of, the one in Five Points.

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  1. Cool! Where is it? Convenient to the interstate? I never go TO Columbia...but sometimes go THROUGH Columbia ;-)

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      It's at 1215 Assembly Street. Basically on the NW corner of Assembly and Gervais, very close to the Capitol building. Garibaldi's in Columbia is good but AFAIK is not connected to the one in Charleston.

    2. I was walking by (and looking in) the old John Pauls and happen to meet the owner,as he and several other people where coming out of the building. I asked what they were planning to do there. He said the plan was a energetic seafood based restaurant. There will be a raw bar, private dining rooms and a completely different menu from the Garibaldis (love that restaurant). He went on to say they were planning to redo the front and put in garage doors so during nice weather they could open up the store. Sounds neat.
      He was very kind and even offered to show me through the building.
      I didn't know this but they own 6 restaurants. 2 in Charleston and 3 others in Savannah,Ga. One of the restaurants in Charleston was the Garibaldis there, it was the first. Hope the new restaurant turns out to be as good as the current one.

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        Great news!!! That sounds wonderful! Thanks for the post. any idea on the time frame?

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          You know, I didn't think to ask and he never mentioned it... sorry

      2. I've eaten at Garabaldi's in Charleston and enjoyed it very much. It's been awhile ago, though. I'm very encouraged to learn they are planning an outpost in Cola. Thanks for the update.