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Aug 31, 2006 01:30 AM

Take out or delivery near the Hospital for Special Surgery 71st and York

Any ideas for good (decent) food near the Hospital for Special Surgery?

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  1. You can try "Cork & Fin". They have great fish & chips. Also, I hear their sushi is good. It was too expensive for a poor person like me! :) They are on York between 73rd and 74th. They are only open for dinner and they do deliver!

    1. There's a sushi place on 1st between 68th and 69th east side of street (forgetting name at the moment) but it's relativel;y cheap and fresh. Fresh Food Kitchen 68th between York and 1st North side of street has decent soup and panini sandwiches and are I think open 24 hours. Hope this is helpful.

        1. At 69th and First is Cafe Evergreen. Good Chinese, especially dim sum. It's a place we always hit when we have med. appts. in that area.

          1. Matsu on 70 (1st/York) has the best sushi, especially for the price. There are 2 on the block - owned by the same people. The owners Gary & Wendy, husband and wife pair, are very kind people too.