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Aug 31, 2006 01:28 AM

jody williams + keith mcnally = ?

im anticipating a great looking room with great food and harried service....finally a place to give il buco a run for its money....hated a voce..that room! those horrible chairs! that comically misinformed sommelier!....ive always wanted to frequent a mcnally establishment but the food is never good enough...i went to gusto many times despite the bad room, service and wine list,simply because the food was that good

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  1. Well, the place has a name: Morandi
    15 Charles St near 7th Ave, slated November opening...

    The prospect of Sicilian street food and tripe sandwiches sound promising.

    1. I'm a huge Keith McNally fan, since his earliest days at the Odeon. He gets it right, without aspiring to foody greatness (except, perhaps, the french fries). Tripe sandwiches sound like an old-English music hall comedy routine. I won't be holding my breath..

      Otherwise, this sounds like a match made in heaven.

      - Sean

      "The perfect match is made in heaven
      The safety match is made on earth.."

      1. What's wrong with the chairs at A Voce? Possibly one of the greatest furniture pieces in NYC restaurants (props go to Maremma's barstools as well). I aslo like the table tops at A Voce, though I weep for their future - as they will certainly get ruined quickly.

        1. um...the chairs are unattractive office furniture...expensive version of what you would might in a futon shop...I realy dislike the "design" of a voce

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          1. re: hardcore

            Those chairs may be like office furniture, but they are *very* comfortable (though I'm really not into the swivel thing). The real problem with A Voce's space is that it is all hard edges -- no drapes on the windows, no tablecloths, no carpeting that I recall. So, not one strand of soft material to absorb sounds. And that leads to the insanely high noise level when the place fills up.

            We had dinner at Parea not long after it opened. It's another one of those large spaces with minimalist decor. When Chef Michael Symonds stopped by our table to chat (a really nice guy!), I mentioned that I had heard there were problems with high noise levels there when the room was full. (We were there early on a Monday and only a few tables were occupied.) He said since becoming aware of the situation, they were taking steps to try to lessen the noise and had already installed foam padding under all the tables. At least, they're trying to address a problem that makes for an uncomfortable dining experience. A Voce's owners, on the other hand, don't seem to care about that.

            1. re: hardcore

              You may not like them, but considering their pedigree, your description of those chairs is rather dismissive.

              Charles and Ray Eames thought they were quite good. But what did they know...

              1. re: bickel

                And that comment was rather dismissive.....I'm sure the chairs were wonderful at the time they were made...Unfortunately they haven't aged as gracefully as most of their other work has......And I feel confident in saying...That they wouldn't have enjoyed the chairs in this particular application.....But what do I know

            2. Its sort of authentic to have uncomfortable/ugly stuff in the Italian ristorante...