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Aug 31, 2006 01:20 AM

Katmandu Fall Festival in Sonoma?

Thinking about checking out the Katmandu Fall Festival on Sept. 16 and 17 in Sonoma's Depot Park. This is the second annual, any recs from the first one?

Katmandu festival poster -

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  1. I'm a local, and this is the first Festival that I've heard about. Sonoma does have a small Nepalese community (Sherpa mostly), and there have been several Tibetan/Nepalese restaurants in town over the years. The current one is Taste of the Himalayas, across from Murphy's on the Plaza. I'd say check it out!

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        I went in 2008 & enjoyed the dance, music & people. One of the food booths had a tandoori oven and their bread was divine. This year I'm coming with a big appetite.

        Katmandu Fall Festival
        Saturday, Sep 12 11:00a to 5:00p
        at Depot Park, Sonoma, CA
        Come celebrate the many cultures of Nepal with exotic food, world music, and ethnic dance performances. Enjoy shopping in the market place for Tibetan carpets, exotic imports and antiques. Come share & learn about the heritage of the Himalayas, at the Katmandu Fall Festival.
        Help Children's Medical Aid Foundation, build a hospital in Nepal to address the needs of women and children.
        Event Website
        Categories: Fairs & Festivals, Ethnic & Cultural
        Creator: katmandu2009

        Depot Park
        270 First St. West
        Sonoma, CA 95476
        (707) 538-7023

        1. re: Columba

          Oops! Correction on dates
          5th Annual
          Katmandu Fall Festival

          Save the Date
          September 12 & 13, 2009
          11am to 5pm

      2. I go every year to check out the music and the food and enjoy the environment. Its fun just to hang out and shop and spend the day. 2010 dates are Sept 11-12 and they have wine and beer too. My Friend organizes the festival and I heard that this years will have a lot more food.