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Aug 31, 2006 01:01 AM

WEIRD Dinner!

Hi Hounds!

My aunt, from San Francisco is coming to town. We are both die hard chowhounds. She wants to take me out to dinner at a place with 'Weird Food.' I gave her the link to WD-50 and her response was 'Its not THAT weird.' She mentioned that she had read that NY times article about how chefs in Spain are using foams and chemicals to create some truly odd food...

is there anywhere like that in NY?? I always thought of WD-50 as the go-to weird food place. Is there anything else?

Thanks so much!

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  1. your aunt is referring to El Bulli in Barcelona, another "weird one" is the Fat Duck in England, but WD-40 is nearly as weird really.

    foams, chemicals?....

    well, when i ate there (tasting menu), i was served a cocoa udon which was essentially a beautiful bowl of cocoa broth that was clear and tan colored. it was served with a small squeeze tube - what came in the tube tasted/felt like marshmellow creme. when it was squireted into the broth, the outside seemed to solidify slightly enough to retain shape. so there were udons in there! the texture was still soft and foamy but definitely solid. we tried exposing the foam to air - nothing. we also squirted it into a bit of wine and a bit of water- nothing.... the broth wasn't strangely acid/alkaline or anything....

    she hasn't been to any of these places eh? reading about it is not nearly as weird as experiencing it, and not half as fun! i know the descriptions on the menu don't actually describe how weird it is, but def. there is alot of foamy, cakey, fishy, strange flavor combinations. in fact, even as a pretty adventurous gourmet, after awhile, while very artful, it was almost too much. (ummm, tar tasting croutons with foie gras)

    take her to wd-50 and go from there!

    1. WD-50 is the place to go...the only true mollecular gastronomy restaurant in New York. While the menu might not look "weird" at first glance (though I think it does), it most certainly is and is one of the more enjoyable experiences in the city.

      Another restaurant that has some similar characteristics is Degustation ( ), but for true innovation I think WD-50 is your best bet.

      Elsewhere in the US there are a couple of other Adria-inspiried joints. If in DC, you could go to MiniBar at Cafe Atlantico or in Chicago you could go to Alinea, but neither of those are applicable to this discussion.

      1. Urena - not sure that it's weird enough for your purposes, but the food/experience was excellent; and from what I understand (having never dined at El Bulli) it's similar in some respects. They had a chocolate dessert with mustard foam which was very delicious.

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          Alex Urena had worked at El Bulli...