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Aug 31, 2006 12:46 AM

Relish on the Danforth

Ive taken a quick peak at the menu, and all of the items are very cheap (about 6-8$ ), so Im pretty sure theyre served a la carte. But are these portions tiny? Are they tapa style and meant to be shared? Or would you have to order several dishes to yourself to feel satisfied. Also, do they have a dessert menu at all?

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  1. If you type in Relsh on the danforth, and then hit search, there are some very good reviews of the restaurant that will exactly answer your questions. It's a really useful resource!

    1. It is infact tapas style. Some plates are a little bigger than others. Not sure about a dessert menu, I believe they had more like a dessert offering you could peruse and choose from. The piece of chocolate torte we had was very generous. We really enjoyed the service and the food and want to go back.

      1. Went to Relish for the 3rd or 4th time last Saturday. I'm happy to report that the food is still very good, and the prices are quite affordable (when compared to other tapas restaurants). Dishes I remember being really tasty are: lobster potstickers, the gorgonzola gnocci, and chicken/guacamole dish. We shared a few desserts (full size) - the banana toffe pie is incredible.

        One complaint is that almost all dishes come with portions of three. We were a foursome, and this made everything awkward - always having to divide things up in a multitiude of ways because, of course, people want to try everything! I think that more people tend to dine in twos and fours, and I'd be surprised if no one has mentioned it to them before.

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          ahh can you describe the pie ?? is sounds like my favourite pie that i can never find..

          1. re: hungryabbey

            Hmmm... I only had a few bites, but it seemed like it was a graham cracker crust, filled with caramelized banana pieces and toffee bits, topped with a layer of banana cream/custard.

            If I had the whole dessert myself I'm sure I could have been more accurate. You should do that if you end up going there. :)

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              hha oh man sounds good, i neeeeed to go now

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            3 tapas on a plate makes total sense to me. Since most people dine in multiples of two (couples, foursomes, etc.) it makes for a heck of a lot of fun fighting over the last tapa. Keep up the good work Relish

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