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Aug 31, 2006 12:36 AM

Need Chowhelp... valley to camarillo

My wife, 4 month old baby and I are going outlet shopping this Friday in Camarillo and would like as many suggestions as possible on where to eat for lunch. Here are some criteria that might help. First, we have a small baby with us, so seating accommodations are important. Second, something on the lighter side so that we aren't weighed down for shopping. Most importantly, it's my wife's birthday, so we'd like to have a great experience! Any suggestions from Glendale to Camarillo, close to Camarillo would be great, or not too far off the 101. Please help me make this day a special one for my wife since she deserves it for working so hard on taking care of our baby boy!

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  1. Kings Fish House in Calabasas is very yummy!
    You can take the Valley Circle exit off the 101 Left at the light (right lane) Right again at the light (Motion Picture Retirement Center) and straight into the historic area of Calabasas. Restaurant is in the Commons shopping center. :) KQ

    1. How about a little water view? If you drive over to the Ventura Harbor, about 15 minutes from the Camarillo Outlets up the 101, you can have a fun lunch at The Greek at Ventura Harbor. We usually order the souvlaki sandwiches and they are quite good.

      See this link for their menu

      The Greek (805)-650-5350
      1583 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! We actually wanted to eat sushi, so we drove by MASA Sushi (as suggested on previous posts on chowhound) and it was too crowded. There were people waiting outside with beers in their hands. We were too hungry to wait so we looked up another sushi restaurant on our GPS and found Sushi Asakura. We walked in to find a nice little sushi restaurant that wasn't too crowded and had an authentic feel to it. Not too fancy nor over decorated. The owner is the sushi chef and his wife does any of the cooking in the back. We ordered our usual sushi items: yellowtail, salmon, squid, sea urchin, white fish (usually we order halibut with ponzu sauce but they only had snapper) spanish mackerel, and their king mackerel (1 of several specials for the day). We also had baked green mussels, one Kirin beer, one large hot sake, and one small sake. To be honest, the green mussels were decent, but the sushi was surprisingly good. We have been spoiled with regards to sushi by no other than Sushi Gen (422 E. 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA) in Little Tokyo, where we use to visit 1-3 times a month until we found out we were pregnant and the high mercury in sushi was a no-no. The cuts were large and fresh. The yellowtail had the right texture that nearly melted in our mouths, and the squid had the perfect crunchiness (not rubbery). The mackerels, both spanish and king, did not have a strong fishiness to it, but it was not as rich as I'm used to. The Uni (sea urchin) was great too. The seaweed used to wrap the uni sushi was not as fresh, but it wasn't one of those "impossible to break once wet" types either. If that restaurant was around the corner from where we live, they would see us there quite often. I'm not Japanese, but most of the customers (3 separate parties) were. Is that a sign that they are doing something right?

        Our bill came out to be around $116.00 including tip.

        Address: 330 N Lantana St # 22, Camarillo, CA 93010
        Phone: (805) 482-1739

        about 8 minute drive from the outlet stores.

        1. I agree with shabushabulova. Sushi Asakura is the best Japanese restaurant in all of Ventura County. Not just for their sushi, but their bento lunches are perfect in creation. I am such a regular there I feel like a close friend. They don't get the business or recognition they deserve. The only true authentic japanese restaurant I have seen in this whole county. Kodani's is the only other one that comes to mind.

          Another one of my other favorite places to eat for flavor's sake are Shanghai Restaurant on Daily dr. Richard used to run a little shack called Shanghai Eatery on Las Posas and has finally branched out to a full gourmet restaurant. His food is AMAZING. Anyone who has been only goes their for their chinese food.

          There is a newer place in town that I have become a big fan of. Since almost everything in there is made when you order, the sauces included, it takes a bit more time so if you are on a tight schedule leave a bit earlier. This is the best all american style restaurant I have been too. It's called Wings*Pizza*N'Things. Their pizza is great, not as good as Topper's, but Topper's doesn't have a Shrimp Pizza. Their wings are the best I have ever had. If you are absolutely insane and feel like having a heart attack get the wings with the "On Fire" sauce. Louisiana hot sauce with cayenne pepper extra. I get chicken fingers there, simple but great flavor. Their fries are a work of art. Quesadilla is great. They have almost every food so if you are going with your kids there won't be the problem of "I want this place cuz it has that". They have such a variety there and everything is good. Burgers there are wonderful.