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Aug 31, 2006 12:09 AM

How is Grace these days? Has the addition of BLD affected food or service?

Havent' been in long time and am considering taking a friend there for a bithday dinner. Just want to make sure BLD isn't too much of a distraction for them ... Thanks!

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    1. re: shabushabulova

      their second, more caz restaurant, justdown the street

      1. re: shabushabulova

        BLD, as in breakfast, lunch and dinner, now open and operated by the Grace folks at the former Opaline, Cafe Capo or Red space just west of Grace, depending on how you want to remember that previously jinxed corner space.
        When in that area, go to Hatfield's about 25 feet west of BLD per SIV's great review this morning in the food section, where she wrote it up as 3 stars, yet gave it 2.5 stars - still a great review for a very understated place with wonderful food. Confirmed as recently as last Saturday evening.