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Aug 30, 2006 11:42 PM

Bordeaux and Lille

We live for the food! We're spending 3 days in Bordeaux and I'm looking for dinner and lunch restaurants. Any ideas? Then we're off to Lille for a weekend. We'd like to find some Belgum ale houses, as well as other restaurants. All info. is appreciated!!

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  1. I love Au Sarment, about 20 minutes away from Bordeaux in Saint Gervais (tiny town in the vineyards). They specialize in French/Antilles food. I love the monkfish in vanilla sauce, as well as the chevreil ragout...In Bordeaux center next to the Esplanade des Quinconces there is a very solid bistrot good for salades des gesiers and entrecote a la Bordelaise. I can't remember it's name, of course! But it's one of the only restaurants directly on the square and its sign is big white letters on a black background. What season are you going to be there?

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      Thanks for the reply, I was beginning to give up hope. We'll be there in October. I have one day in Bordeaux with my husband, and then a few days on my own there while he's working. I won't have a car, so I thought I'd do a wine tour with the tourist office one day. Beyond that, I'll be checking out the markets, and enjoying food & wine.

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        October is a terrific time to visit; the beginning of the game season, and the oysters will be great. While on your own you could take a train out to Arcachon by the Atlantic. It's a really pretty Victorian town that's very walkable. Great restaurants, too! Less than an hour from Bx. Arcachon's covered marche used to be on Wednesday and Saturdays, I doubt that has changed! I've never done a wine tour hosted by the tourist office, but I think the Maison de Vin can set one up. I believe they do a different region on different days. Have a fun and tasty trip!

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          If you want to target specific producers and do wine-tasting and estate-visiting on your own, and in case you want to drive, then it's not too late to fax/email your appointment requests to the wineries.

          We'll be there for a couple of days during the second week of October and I have already received, within 24-48 hours of sending my requests (just early this week), mostly positive responses to the estates that we want to visit - including a couple of First Growths.