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Aug 30, 2006 11:25 PM


I have heard people raving about fried pickles but have no idea where I might be able to order them? anywhere in the portland area though prefer not to travel to sw...beaverton area, just cant stand the traffic:) thanks.

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  1. I saw them on the menu at Fire on the Mountain in North Portland,

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    1. re: Kristi

      thanks kristi i will check it out!

    2. They have them at Bernie's on Alberta.

      1. I realize you are looking in the Portland area, but if you ever find yourself in Seattle, I always get them at The People's Pub in Ballard -

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        1. re: ballardman

          Also Seattle: Jolly Roger taproom has fried pickles. They are coated in bran flakes, which does not please everyone, but are a tasty novelty.

        2. At least two German pubs I know of have these. Feierabend fries large chunks of pickles. And the People's Pub fries slices. Prefer the slices myself, but I do love the Feierabend in general!

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          1. re: StevenGE

            Unless People's Pub has changed in the past 8 weeks, they fry spears, not slices. Just FYI. Personally, they have the fried pickles that every one else should aspire to. But that's just me.

          2. The original comment has been removed