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I have heard people raving about fried pickles but have no idea where I might be able to order them? anywhere in the portland area though prefer not to travel to sw...beaverton area, just cant stand the traffic:) thanks.

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  1. I saw them on the menu at Fire on the Mountain in North Portland, http://www.portlandwings.com/.

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      thanks kristi i will check it out!

    2. They have them at Bernie's on Alberta.

      1. I realize you are looking in the Portland area, but if you ever find yourself in Seattle, I always get them at The People's Pub in Ballard - http://www.peoplespub.com

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          Also Seattle: Jolly Roger taproom has fried pickles. They are coated in bran flakes, which does not please everyone, but are a tasty novelty.

        2. At least two German pubs I know of have these. Feierabend fries large chunks of pickles. And the People's Pub fries slices. Prefer the slices myself, but I do love the Feierabend in general!

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            Unless People's Pub has changed in the past 8 weeks, they fry spears, not slices. Just FYI. Personally, they have the fried pickles that every one else should aspire to. But that's just me.