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Aug 30, 2006 11:13 PM

Vacaville area ideas for a pot luck contribution?

I am attending a large pot-luck this coming Sunday in Vacaville and I'd love some ideas about what I can pick up to contribute to the feast. I live in SF but will be camping in Tomales the night before so will be going straight from there.

Any ideas about places to pick up something interesting and delicious in Vacaville? Or in Petaluma?

Good chips/salsa place, tamales, vietnamese place, good bakery? The crowd will be very open, chow type eaters.

Thank you!

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I might have to stop here just for myself. Any favorites? The pies?

      1. re: rln

        I have yet to make it there but I've had the bread at Speisekammer in Alameda, and it's superior to any German bread in the near Bay Area.

    2. Not sure what time you'll be going through town, but last weekend, I picked up some (vegetable) frittata at Skully's Bakery in Novato - on Grant Avenue, about 3 minutes from the freeway. I took the frittata along with pastries (ham and cheese croissant also very popular) to the soccer parade and got lots of enthusiastic "yums" from the parents. (Kids were happy with Krispy Kremes.) Frittata seems to alternate between veggie and non-veggie each day.

      1407 Grant Ave
      Novato, CA 94945
      (415) 899-9773

      Have also heard good things about Flourchyld - they started in farmers' markets then opened a store (also on Grant Avenue, probably about 2 minutes from the freeway).

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      1. re: Cindy

        This is good possibility! Will be coming down south some to 37 so will drive by Novato. Thanks!

      2. In Petaluma, I'd stop at Della Fattoria for peanut butter cookies or some great bread (e.g., Meyer lemon and rosemary). Karina's for banana leaf-wrapped Oaxacan style tamales. Maybe you can find a Crane melon, the local cultivar, at Petaluma Market. Or Petaluma Creamery for the dreamy organic lavender ice cream . . . but call ahead as this flavor sells out fast.