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Aug 30, 2006 11:10 PM

Moreton Bay Bugs in the Bay Area?

An article in the NYT today talked about a chef, Andrew Evans, near Baltimore who has several distincly Australian items on his menu. This plus a recent issue of Donna Hay, an Australian food mag, had me wondering if we've got any access to some of these ingredients in the Bay Area. I was specifically wondering about Moreton Bay bugs which sound delicious despite their name. Restaurants, purveyors, Google's not showing anything as far as I can tell.

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  1. you might want to call these people at Australian Product Co, Santa Clara.

    Australian Products Co.
    294 Brokaw Road
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
    Mon-Sat: 9am -5pm (Closed Sunday)
    Near the Santa Clara Costco
    Near control tower for San Jose Intl

    1. Several years ago, when the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market was up at Green Street, there was a vendor who had live crawdads--active little critters, they'd climb right out of the bin and take off across the parking lot. I think they also sold boiled ones but my memory is dim. (Not just about crawdads, alas.) Anybody remember who that was or know what became of them?

      1. Moreton Bay bugs are like mini lobsters or huge prawns. I had them on the Gold Coast south of Brisbane- halved and grilled. Very Good!

        1. Sorry. I just checked with Australian Products Co. and the person there (non-aussie accent) said they don't carry them. I called a company in Brisbane who said they would be happy to ship them to me ... minimum of 30 Kg plus shipping. Boy, what a BBQ I could have.

          1. 30 Kgs of crustacean is pretty darn intense.