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Aug 30, 2006 10:59 PM

Erin ,Georgetown, Acton ??? - foodie thoughts ?

I go riding out this way, erin, georgetown, acton - this sort of nexus. Wondering what foodie gems lurk out this way. Found a very nice bakery in georgetown...but wondering what foodie destinations might be nearby and worth a visit. Love great Indian ..but somehow I'm guessing not on ??

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  1. Head up to Hillsburg.
    The Pantry Shelf Bake Shop and Tea Room
    Telephone: (519) 855-6378
    Location: 90 Main St, Hillsburgh, N0B 1Z0

    Great pies and butter tarts.

    Good Luck

    1. Steen Dairy in Erin is good for milkshakes.

      1. This may be too far away, but there's a nice italian restaurant in Milton called Pasqualino's. I haven't been in about a year but the last time I went it was the best meal I'd ever had in that town.

        1. Ancient thread, but thought I'd try bumping. I also go riding out this way now. Any bakeries or special places to check out afterwards since I'm in the area?

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            Haven't been for a while, but Saunders Bakery on Main St. Rockwood used to sell some delicious jelly donuts.

            If you get there early enough you get them while they are still warm... mmmmmm

              1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                I can now report that the doughnuts are still absolutely delicious! I didn't quite make it in time for them to still be warm, but the sugar was one of the best doughnuts I have ever had. Tasted like my grandmother used to make.
                Since it's a bit of a drive, I picked up a few other things - a maple square, cinnamon bun, peanut butter cookie and half a dozen rolls. All of which came to a grand total of $5.35.
                I don't know how they can afford to sell such high quality goods for those prices, but this is a dangerously delicious discovery.

            1. A bit east of your target area, but you might want to try Highpoint Cafe & Restaurant at 20092 Hurontario St. (Hwy 10) in Caledon, between Charleston Sideroad and Rte 109. Totally nondescript on the outside, you feel like you're in someone's kitchen when you walk in the door. The chef-owner is Romanian and she makes everything from scratch. We've only gone for dinner, but she's also open for breakfast, lunch and brunch almost daily. Wonderful cabbage rolls, schnitzel, goulash, etc., homemade cookies and pastries, and lighter fare, as well.