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Aug 30, 2006 10:59 PM

East Coast Rippers in Carlsbad/Oceanside

Jimmi's Red Hots seems to be promoting themselves as a Chicago Dog or some East Coast "Red Hot" hot dog place,but for a hound like myself that has driven hours in New Jersey searching out the "fried" hot dog, or the "ripper"....imagine my delight in finding the grail just around the corner from my house.

The menu is extensive and a little confusing but the variety is in what you do to the actual dogs. Which are really onlythe classic red hot which we would call a frank or a hot dog, a foot long which is a lot like a nathans and the white dog which has veal in it and is like a wurst. EACH KIND CAN BE PREPARED LIKE A RIPPER (fried in oil)

The toppings are incredible: onions, red onions, chili, celery salt, different relishes and mustards, sauerkraut, etc.

They have hot wings that are true to the Anchor Bar Buffalo original served with either ranch or blue cheese. I really liked them...not as sweet as the kind you normally get in San Diego and the medium hot had a nice zing to it.

Finally there is real East Coast Frozen Custard which put a smile on my kids face.

The prices aren't cheap but its the real deal and they weren't busy on the Sunday I was there so if you are a Hot Dog fan, you may want to get there soon.

Jimmi's Red Hots 2508 El Camino Real C1 in back of the defunct Good Guys and across from the Carlsbad Mall. 760-729-2999

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  1. I am thrilled to hear this. Jimmi's just moved up my list (especially since I could probably walk there in less than 10 minutes)

    1. Did you get there? I haven't been back yet.

      1. I'm glad you guys like Jimmi's but I was very disappointed. Of course it's a regional thing! It may have met your taste. We on the other hand, moved to Carlsbad from Detroit, and have yet to find what WE consider a decent coney island hot dog. WE LOVE "National Coney Island" and "Lafayette Coney Island" in the Detroit area.

        Any Detroiters know of something that good in San Diego County? Or, heck, ANYWHERE in southern California?

        1. Hi...West side =Livernois and Michigan Ave=
          ..never had to own a snow shovel or lawnmower in my entire adult life....I liked Senate Coney Island Best...I know your question.

          In San Diego, Clairmont Square, Woodies is as close as you can get. Tommys is on Clairmont Mesa Blvd, and does a chili dog, but the chili is not right. Woodies is the only place.

          Its on the outside edge, next to/other side of entrance of the Krispy Kreme.

          Kirk did a review: (left hand column, under hot dogs


          If you want to make the same flavor at home: Ralphs sells PS Brand skinned weiners in the meat section (not hot dog section) and I get the refrigerated brick of XLNT chili...also same flavor you are looking for.