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Noooooooo !!! - Major Meatdown - RIP Rick's Quality Meat

I'm too distressed to even give it the tribute it deserves. I need to mourn a while first. From an email I received today..

"You may want to stop by Rick's for one last look. As soon as he sells out his stock, he's gone. Maybe a week. I was there today and some couple was poking around, looking at buying.

Apparently he's had it up for sale for a long time, maybe more than a year.

I stopped by on Monday and heard the news. The health board forced him to "smoke" his meat directly which lowered his capacity by the tune of maybe 800 dollars a week out of his pocket. That and a handful of other things, like finding good employees so he doesn't have to work 60 hour weeks snapped his back and he is DONE. I think he's just plain tired of it all too. So, he's going to do commercial only accounts out of Oakland."

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  1. This is terrible news. I have never tried Rick's meats. A friend at work and I were discussing it earlier this week. She's always saying she's going to stop and pick some up (she lives in El Cer). This week she said she was going to try it with the idea of getting large amounts to serve at an upcoming party. RATS RATS AND DOUBLE RATS!

    1. RW-

      Is Rick's the place inside Giovanni's on Potrero Ave?

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        Giovanni's ... yes ... official address is on liberty.

        Sob ... never to have the BBQ smoked pork sandwich again


      2. Sad news indeed .... it was a good business to have in the neighborhood. Wish him the best in his new endeavors.

        1. Hey,

          Just got back from getting myself a sammich and a little beef roast. It's really odd to see the stock in the cooler at 60 to 70% capacity. The beef liver tray is empty and clean with a hook poised. The layers of bacon have been greatly reduced. The hotdogs are no longer being sold one at a time, you gotta buy 5 pounds at a time. Customers are regularly walking in and reading the signs, "Butcher Retiring" and asking, "What does that mean?" All sad.


          1. Did you get the pictures of Rick's that you planned? I've been, uh, neglecting my Chowhound mailbox lately.

            I just couldn't go to Rick's. I want to remember it as it was ... but ... was anything smoked available?

            1. Oh, that's terrible news! While I was never a great fan of his meat dept it was convenient in a "let's see what they have today" way. But his Thursday BBQ - now that's a whole different story! I will especially miss Rick's beef brisket and his smoked salmon rocked! I am also curious to see what it will do for Giovanni's business. I have put up with their often questionable freshness of produce and higher prices for years, in the name of supporting the "little guys". But I wonder if some of the clientele will not switch to evil supermarkets for the one-stop shopping convenience...

              1. Hey,

                I got a few pictures and posted the best on my site. I think you're right, let the memories rest in our head, that's the best way.

                Giovanni's is going to get hit pretty damned hard. It isn't personal against them, but I don't go there for the bell peppers or soda. I went there for Rick's meat. So, if Rick ain' there? I probably won't go. This action will most certainly do at least 20% damage, I'm thinking quite a bit more. Today's rumor is they're going to take over the counter. We'll see.


                1. Great blog entry. I almost cried. Wonderful tribute.

                  Yeah, unless someone lives in the direct vicinity of Giovanni's, if it wasn't for Rick's there's no reason to go there.

                  What was good was the quality at Giovanni's was just good enough that if a few grocery items were needed it was a fine place to shop after picking up your meat at Rick's. Being not in the nabe, I'm more likely to head over to Colusa Market in Kennsington which is vastly superior. Giovanni's isn't even close to being in the same class. Have you checked the place out yet?

                  Well, thanks for the original tip about Rick's, Dr. Biggles. It is better to have loved and lost ... well, you know.

                  Dr. Biggles funny and touching tribute to Rick


                  GREAT picture of the man himself ... Rick


                  I now remove Rick's number from my cell phone and move his business card into my RIP file ... sob.

                  1. I haven't been to the Colusa one, mebbe this week?

                    Have you tried Santa Fe market in Pt. Richmond? Their applewood smoked bacon is quite tasty!


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                      Thanks for the tip. Been to the market, but haven't tried the bacon. Will do.