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Aug 30, 2006 10:16 PM

Cheap Food Near Dodger Stadium

Anyone know of some cheap food and drink places in walking distance of Dodger Stadium?

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  1. There is literally nothing within walking distance of Dodger Stadium, unless your definition of walking distance is different than mine. The Stadium is located up in the hills; there's no other businesses of any kind near it that I can think of.

    There's a sandwich place relatively nearby called the Eastside Market Italian Deli (I've never been), at 1013 Alpine St.

    There's also Philippe's French Dip sandwiches, at Ord & Alameda. I sometimes get stuff from there before a game (and might do so today).

    But basically, you'll have to drive from wherever it is you get food to the stadium.

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    1. re: Jack Flash

      Well, there's El Compadre on Sunset. I think you can walk from there. It's not particularly cheap or particularly good but the flaming margaritas are pretty sweet.

    2. Is anything actually within walking distance of Dodger Stadium?

      Maybe this doesn't meet your definition of cheap, but the last time we went to an evening Dodger game, close to 3 weeks ago, we stopped into Malo for the first time. I never would have heard of Malo if not for this board. Happy hour specials in effect until 7pm include hard shell tacos for $2 each, and there is a discount on the chips and salsa too. Certain other items are also discounted but you cannot order from the regular menu until 6pm.

      We hung out in the bar, had the oh-so-addictive chips and the tomatillo/avocado salsa (yum!) and a couple of ground beef and pickle tacos each, plus a margarita for me, sangria for hubby, we were out of there for around $25 IIRC. Way better than eating crappy Dodger Dogs and probably cheaper! Plus the Dodgers beat the Giants that night, all was well with the world.

      4326 Sunset Blvd.
      Silver Lake

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      1. re: Debbie W

        Help Me!!! Did you say ground beef and pickle tacos .????? what kind of pickle, a relish, or a kosher?
        I won't sleep until I read your answer. I think my abuelita just turned over in her grave.

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          hi. pickles not relish. my boyfriend loves them.

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            Slices. Not bread and butter. Pretty sure not kosher. Like what you might get alongside a coffee shop hamburger. They are tucked into the shell next to the meat. Rather tasty, and not that far off having pickles on your burger, you can see where they may have gotten the idea. Unless your abuelita was making greasy hard shell ground beef tacos, I wouldn't worry about her!

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          1. Not much within easy walking distance, but I assume you could walk down to Sunset and hit one of the places down there.

            If you're looking for good cheap eats, Eastside Market is a good bet. They have one of the best eggplant parmesian sandwiches I've ever had.

            But for a mind blowing deal, hit up one of the banh mi (vietnamese sandwiches on french baguettes) houses in Chinatown. They are big, very tasty, healthy and filling...all for no more than $3. If you pay more than that, you're getting ripped off.

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              What Banh Mi places do you recommend in Chinatown?

            2. Previous poster is correct -- nothing within "walking" distance of a game at Dodger Stadium, where you can leave your car, eat, walk to the game, and alas walk all of the way back. No suggestion, whether it be in Chinatown or along Sunset or up in Lincoln Heights is going to be accessible and let you park your car for four hours, at minimum.

              I would go to Yang Chow before the game, hoping that Chinese food will sit light. Or Carnitas Michaocan, at Broadway about 19th, above Chinatown close to where the 5 intersects, for an outstanding hot sauce to grace your carne asada or al pastor from an actual spit.