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Aug 30, 2006 09:52 PM

Sabuy Sabuy Jr (downtown Oakland) closed

Walking by today, the doors were closed and locked, and all of the tables had been moved inside. No huge loss, but it was one of the few Thai places in the downtown area.

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  1. I think the VN place there gets the vast majority of the asian food lunchcrowd. Hard to compete. I wonder if II (around the corner from here) is still open.

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    1. re: lmnopm

      It could just be that they decided to consolidate.

      When Jr opened, people complained that the chef from the original left to cook at Jr to get it off the ground. And it worked: their food was excellent. About a year and a half ago, Jr's food went decidedly downhill, to the point where I was not eating there (and judging from the lack of crowds, others were not). Maybe this means the cook left Jr and moved on to II?

      In which case, II is fine.. until they open yet another Sabuy Sabuy...